Decorate Old House Modern Way

In this publication we prepared to see a successful transformation of an old apartment in a modern renovated apartment. We chose Chen Residence in Taipei, Taiwan, which is an old, 40 year old apartment, overlooking the picturesque national park Yangming in Mt. Shamao. The park is famous for its hot springs and stunning landscape.

Main feature of the home are irregular shapes of rooms. The large amount of columns and beams do not allow to capture the beautiful views from every corner of the apartment. This is the first task that is done by designers Archlin Studio. Requiring owners was to open the space and the occasion to gain just that housing is a beautiful image of the running countryside.

After adjustment with the removal of solid walls and the construction of such mobile/library, the space in the apartment abundant natural light. The kitchen flows into the living room and created additional space.

A similar strategy of wall clock was used by itypetravel and the renovation of the two bedrooms at the rear of the house chst. Sliding veneer plates are used to substitute for solid partitions, which ensures flexibility of the premises.

The windows are highlighted in expressive colors and materials combined with the view through the glasses create the illusion of a real scenic picture.

The colors in the house are warm and gentle. The lines are clean and luxurious furnishings and the presence of natural stone veneers complement the vision of this modern renovated apartment.

Enjoy this beautiful and stylish home!