De Historische Elfstedentocht

The black Riders, or riders Elfstedentocht of meeschaatsen outside the official registration is a phenomenon of all time. Even in the first edition of 1909, they drove the journey black out. Black run in the Elfstedentocht was not until 1986, however, large scale phenomena in the Elfstedentocht. Anno 2012 dodging the Organization a big problem

The story of the black horse riding

The Elfstedentocht, a 200 km-long ride on over last eleven Frisian cities was first run in 1909. This trip was organized by sports pioneer Pim Mulier, who owns the journey on their own already had driven in 1891.

Elfstedentocht in 1909

PIM Mulier, sports and skate pioneers the first trip went on 5 January 1909. Due to the good weather conditions the tour, but were brought forward to 1 January. This made many racers too late to register.Strange was himself registrations came on december 31 will not be accepted. The result was that only 48 men had been registered in time. On January 1, a sudden thaw. Many drivers hioelden it a day. The 23 remaining skaters that came up at the Amicitia hotel but had to see if they have taken part.
It is suspected that the poor organization of this tour was that many riders like decided nevertheless to ride the ride. In fact, there was little difference between the poorly organized and official tour on their own running route.

Elfstedentocht in 1985

In the intervening years the Elfstedentocht almost black ridden. There were more than enough starting places available and the trip was well organized. Even tour 1941 took place with the consent of the German occupiers.
In 1963 was the Elfstedentocht was held under very difficult conditions. Only 69 of the thousands of riders were able to reach the end of the tour. This was also the first year that the tour was broadcast live on television. Forwarders became heroes and Elfstedentocht took mythical proportions.
Unfortunately, since 1963, there were a whopping 22-year wait for the next release. In 1985 was so long, it was madness, therefore, does not hold. Winner Evert van Benthem became a national celebrity.16 179 tour riders and 276 riders race started the journey. The weather on this day was not real winters with mild tina and as a result, there were more and more water to stand on the ice. The Frisian eleven cities Association decided that next year, it could start a maximum number of participants.

Elfstedentocht 1986

The hype around 1985 Elfstedentocht were thousands of skaters become Member of the Association, the Frisian eleven cities. In 1986 failed to anyone launch. Long before enrollment began, many riders are anxious to Friesland hal. Among these, a number that is not a member of the Association of the Frisian eleven cities and on spec to Leeuwarden ride in hopes still buy a start card. There were stories that begin evidence was offered at prices from 1500 to 200 gulden. But this offer is not often discussed, the sellers were also widely disapproval reactions from spectators. A single zwartrijder even managed to get a start card for only 75 euro and became a white rider. At that time, it was still possible.

Elfstedentocht in 1997

During the Elfstedentocht in 1997 the number of fare Dodgers were a highlight. The Frisian eleven cities Association had imposed a strict tie. Failed to start all members. Aleeen members with the oldest rights already had become a member of 1985 had a permanent right to start. The rest got auctions. The Organization has drawn up various measures to keep free-ride. However, it was to little avail. It is estimated that 30% of the drivers in that year in the Elfstedentocht black drove along.The last unofficial carriers which was greeted by President Henk cup turned out to be yet another zwartrijder.
The course for thousands of black riders stepped off the ice in Leeuwarden at the FEC, but many started at Boksumerdam wherever they unseen ice could slip on. Many of them were members of the Frisian eleven cities, but despite years of membership was drawn. Also in the village of Weidum started dozens of free ride. Some had even imitated their bib numbers or numbers and ben stuck.

Orange bracelets

An orange bracelet that was used in 1997 to acknowledge with official participants and expose freeloaders to prevent fare evasion, the Organization had prepared certain measures. It was decided that participants must be identified by an orange wristband that would share in the organization.Riders without a bracelet would be picked up by the police in the ice. However, many black rider created a oranja bracelet on the same day. In addition, it was not even checked for wearing bracelets, because on the day before the trip, it was a big box with thousands of tires have been stolen, leaving too little was left for regular riders.

Punch Card

Also punched cards was forged by the black riders in 1997 to not fall into oblivion. Some black riders were during the trip also get a complete stamp full. So these were very good fakes.

Elfstedentocht 2012

In the years after 1997 and, above all, in 2012, there were sometimes talking about the possible lifting of an Elfstedentocht. The website was that Elfstedenkoorts again flared up, beginning with tickets available for purchase in quantities from 300 to 3000 euros. However, the transfer of a ticket is strictly prohibited. In 2012 the market decided to withdraw all advertisements to start tickets were offered on the site.
One of the possible consequences can be even in next Elfstedentocht mass hangers-on, ice will move on, possibly even with forged ben songs, punch cards and bracelets run around.


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