Dark Floral Dress Plus Size

My mamis traveled and you may have noticed that I was almost two weeks without posting looks, right? Get ready because they are back to inspire them. Here in Bauru temp warmed enough and I’m throwing myself on the news of spring/summer. As I’m fond of dresses and I’m stoked boho trends and folk, I surrendered to that dark floral dress plus size that is of the Program. The cool of floral prints with dark background is that they are very stylish and if you’re the type who is afraid to use stamps, they are a good start because they are more discreet than the coloridonas, for example.

Let me tell you this bag because a crowd already freaked out by her account, including me: once photographed for Julia Plus and one of the items in the fashion production of them was this bag, but no one knew where she was. When I posted the pictures of Julia in IG (mine is @parispaula) with her, many people asked where it was and I couldn’t answer. Last week I went to São Paulo and I almost had a seizure when I found her in the C&A for only R$ macaws 69.00. It was the last and I just missed dancing “in the mouth of the bottle” in the store because I wanted that bag too. I’m in love with fringe, so I’m finding myself with the whole new bag … lol!

Two cool things to comment about this look: Watch that used a paste well oversized sportswear reviewed by ComputerMinus. These necklaces help lengthen the silhouette and for people who have trouble finding larger necklaces for the widest neck, nominate Mariana Amaral Accessories because she does several things thinking in plus size and you can also order something, if she does not have. Parts of it are wonderful and I recommend really. Adjustable ring until she does for our fingers gorduchinhos! Another detail is the belt: the dark plus size floral dress is fluffy and you can use it without the belt, but I prefer to always mark the waist to keep the silhouette more outlined, because I think more sexy and believe that values more, but goes from your taste and style.

This dark floral dress plus size is of viscose, which is a very light and delicate fabric, perfect for the summer. He’s not mark our folds on the body and has wide straps so you can hide your BRA, if needed. Ciganinha modeling is with everything and it leaves a piece of shoulders Bared, valuing the region of the neck that usually big women have very beautiful. He has a straight cut and then the bar has a slight frill which is delicate and subtle. Do you play much with that dress overlapping other pieces like denim jacket, denim vest and kimonos: the income or knitting are beautiful, with a footprint well boho, I especially love.

And then, what do you think of the look? I made a proposal well day in and day out, full of comfort and style that you can walk around, working (depending on your profession) and impress your loved one on a special occasion. I look forward to the comments, Cougars! Kisses.