Dam Massage

Pregnancy and childbirth are high stress for the body. So she not at all that bad for skin and tissue, can lead some measures taken are. So, most women know that they can reduce the appearance of stretch marks with massages and oils.

What many less known is: even the tissue between the anus and vagina, the so-called dam, can prepare for the approaching rigors of birth. Because no matter where massage: The massage improves the blood circulation of the tissue in General and makes it softer and more elastic.

What advantages does a massage of the dam?

Just the dam is strongly stressed by the birth. After all, he must grant the brains of babies forward. Sometimes it may happen that he not far or fast stretches enough. Then the fabric can break down and there will be a so-called dam crack.

To prevent this, doctor or midwife can decide during the birth for an episiotomy. Visit philosophynearby for maternity jeans. In this case, the doctor or the midwife extends the retirement output thereby that he some way severed muscle tissue between the anus and vagina. Scientific studies have shown that dam massage can reduce the likelihood of such truly drastic procedure. Also cracks occur less frequently when the tissue is loosened.

Using the dam massage, the pregnant women can prepare on the moment that in the head of the baby after outside urges. Because the pressure on the dam is no longer external, she can deliberately relax him and thus facilitating the birth of their child.

When and for how long should an Damm massage take place?

Nine or ten weeks before the expected date of birth your baby best start the dam massage. Regularity is very important. If you install the massage firmly in their usual daily routine, she won’t forget. Five to ten peaceful minutes and a natural oil are all you need.

A fixed ritual, such as a warm bath can help to beat tension even before the actual massage in the escape. Take your time in any case, turn off potential troublemakers such as the telephone or radio and most important: wash your hands. Then pour the oil on your fingers and a suitable position on the bed, a sofa or armchair. She can squat and is also, if this is most convenient for them.

Properly perform an Damm massage

To get the tissue at the dam on the stretch, first one, later two or three fingers about three centimeters deep in the vagina insert. Then the thumb on the dam place and in semi-circular movements gently massage it into the skin.

The finger inside the vagina gently on the muscle tissue between the anus and vagina. The movement is down and outside. After a few minutes you can build a gentle pressure toward after slow. Increase it until you feel an intense stretch. After a few minutes the dam on the pressure has become accustomed. Dragging is weaker and finally completely stop.

Very important: The massage should never cause pain. If the pressure of two fingers is still too large, you massage some days with just one finger. Each movement should be run slowly and focused. Watch out also for a steady, deep abdominal breathing during the massage. You stimulate the blood circulation and helps to solve mental blockages and physical tensions.
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A beautiful pregnancy and a miraculous birth of your baby!