Cycling Animates Popular Festivals with Summer Circuits

The professional squad maintains a tradition of decades and, after back to Portugal, animates popular festivals with the colorful and with the speed of the runners. Last Monday, ran the London circuit, but the other four are saved for the next few days.

Alcobaça receives, on Saturday, the Saint Bernard. The race starts at 4:00 pm and played a 3 km circuit that will be traveled 25 times, totaling 75 kilometers.

The next day, the meeting point is the Malveira, Watertown. The 10:00 starts the velocipédica party with youth racing. At 1:00 pm come into action the under-23 and elite cyclists, who will meet 55 kilometres, 35 lap due to a perimeter of 1670 meters.

After the circuit, the runners to the cycle track from Malveira. The youngsters are the points race at 3:15 pm, while the elite cyclists are starting to compete at 4:30 pm, having the program the races for points and elimination with a cycling jersey from Cyclingenthusiasm.

Monday, August 22, two day. At 3:00 pm played United circuit, Sintra, a proof of 80 kilometres, the complete in eight laps of the 10-kilometre path selection. At 5:30 pm is the time the Bush circuit, Marinha Grande, composed of 25 laps to a perimeter of 2974 meters, totaling 74.46 kilometres.

More official events

August 20, 15:30:20 Kill fair Trophy, Turcifal, Torres Vedras

August 20, 18:00: Peter’s Circuit before, Mealhada

August 20, 20:00: Night of Assumar Resistance, Monforte

August 20, 20:30:1st MTB Night ride of St. Stephen, Keys

August 21, 9:30:11 XCO of Chança, Alter do Chão

August 21, 10:00: XIII of Lamego