CyanogenMod Will Integrate The Functionality of Videotaping What Happens on Screen

Koushik Dutta just show via Google + one of the features that will integrate CyanogenMod natively, the screen recording. This process will take place natively, not via an external application through a combination of keys in a similar way to how screenshots are made.

However, this time talked of recording in video, i.e. will be perfect to demonstrate features of applications or tutorials because it is not only recording the screen but you can also show the touches on the same.

As we can see in the video, starts the recording pressing simultaneously keys up and down volume. Obviously we have a feature that for the majority of users would go unnoticed, but to us that we show you tricks and applications gives us life to make us understand easily, something that many of you us agradecéis.

I.e., in summary we will have in CyanogenMod the natural evolution of the screenshot that may be used easily in the terminals that integrate the next version of the same.