Cyanogen Is Preparing Its Own Instant Messaging with a High Level of Security Service

The team of Cyanogen Jelly Bean, not is lagging still with the release of the stable version of Cyanogen Mod 10.1, based on 4.2 Android because we are seeing many of their future plans to include in their ROMs, many of them designed for security and privacy. If before we were talking about a private mode, we now talk about a programme of messaging.

So, with so many instant messaging applications they want to offer their alternative, mainly intended to offer some highly encrypted and secure conversations, that we already have a bet made in Spain called Spotbros.

As they have confirmed in your profile in Google Plus, equipment is now in talks with TextSecure team to achieve this. The idea is to adapt the application to integrate it’s series on his ROMs CyanogenMod, who lately have a very clear idea to focus on issues of security, privacy and encryption of communications.

As it is constant in all news that is announced by CyanogenMod, have given any information on when it will be available to the public, so no we have no choice but to wait.