Crowdfunding Jewels: Gramofon, Bringrr, Shan & Peek-I

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today one Bluetooth day with replaceable battery, a Flash app and connect your stereo system to the Internet with a spy attachment for the iPhone’s camera, a modular solar charger.

Bringrr: Bluetooth-Tag for Cats, Keys and More

The selection is greater on Bluetooth tags almost every day. Bringrr but is more: under the name, you will receive a USB charger for the cigarette lighter in the car, watching, having all devices tagged with a the Bringrr (Smartphone, laptop, front door key) in.

The objects but also pets can track down using the app for iOS, Android and Google Glass available. You leave with one click they even ring the Bell, and a supplementary housing ensures that the Bluetooth transmitter are waterproof. Using the app you linked it with dates in the calendar so that you don’t forget to bring something. The project on Indiegogo runs until May 8. For a Bringrr and a Bringrr day pay converted a total of 46 euros – $49 for the hardware and $14 for shipping.

Gramofon: Streaming Music for Stereos

Gramofon the team behind FON WiFi sharing community. With the small box streams your music from the cloud – the launch of Spotify, Rhapsody and WahWah, further services are planned – to your stereo system. To do this, your Gramofon with an audio cable connects to it and connects the box via Wi-Fi or network cable to the Internet.

An IOS or you can take out the required settings on Gramofon Android app. In addition, the box acts as a Wi-Fi Repeater, which boosts the signal of your wireless network. 15 may 2014, you can secure you a Gramofon on kickstarter. The shipping costs are included in the price of 50 dollars – about 37 euros.

Shan: Solar Energy for Smartphone and Co.

Same goes with the project from Berlin two devices at the start: ClicSwing is a charger that won sends the electricity directly via USB cable to the Smartphone battery in solar cells. In the blazing sun, he delivers a Watt, you need more juice, you simply involves several of the Shan modules. Are fast, you can get the ClicSwing for 30 euros, later the price up to 33 or 36 euros. The solar modules individually cost seven euros and 19 euros in packs of three.

ClicDoc gets you from 63 Euro including three solar modules. The larger solar charger has a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh, which is sufficient to charge a Smartphone. The LEDs on the front is well-suited as a bicycle light. The display on the back informed you about light energy, various weather data, the avoided emissions and charging State. You can more quickly recharge the battery not with other Shan solar modules or connect the battery directly to a socket. With six infected Shan modules or a ClicSwing, you need eight hours of Sun to recharge the battery of the ClicDoc half.

The Shan project at Startnext runs until May 15, 2014.

Peek-I: To You Corner Eye-Catcher for Your Smartphnoe

With the Peek-I, you can watch – with your Smartphone to the corner and take photos of course. The built-in mirror changed the angle to 90 degrees, so you look discreetly to the side. The lid can be turned by 360 degrees. The small attachment you attached with a magnet over the camera lens – is your Smartphone back made of plastic, you can attach your a magnetic sticker as a substrate.

By May 18, 2014, you can support the small spy tool on Indiegogo. For $15 or equivalent less than 11 euro, you will receive a peek-I.

Lookfor: Smartphones to Orange Flashing

The idea behind LookFor is so awesome how simple. The app turns your Smartphone display in a large, colorful look light. So must your friends in crowds or confusing places I won’t find you or follow the instructions on the phone, but can just follow the flashing light.

Currently, the application is simple and flashes only in six different colors with always the same rhythm. The developers want to make them but smart: you dream of connecting to iBeacons, SMS in the app, push messages, and freely selectable colors and flashing frequencies. The three megabytes large program is tested under iOS and Android and the programmers that should work also on Windows phone and BlackBerrys. From a dollar – 72 cents – you are and gets access to the app. The Kickstarter project ends on May 22, 2014.