Crocs Style Slippers

Get garments are so hated. A pair of slippers that stirred up the majority of the Swedish population to the point that a petition now started to stop the rampage. Add to that a recognized shoddily dressed hockey player advertisement and you have a garment that evokes more emotion than what Alex would ever meet, Foppa slippers.

The brand behind the slippers called Croc’s, which we actually already wrote about in justinshoes. Croc’s claims on his website that “the new, tough design makes the (bezzle) even to a very popular casual shoe with jeans as well as to kostymbyxan”. In a assertion that probably would get the Duke of Windsor to rise from his grave. However, it is essential to find a great style to even dare to take on challenges and experiment a bit. We have therefore in the shadow of all the other fashion bloggers ‘ total put-downs of Foppa slippers decided to give them a chance and produced an outfit where hipster meets dressed down hockey Fox.

Crocs Cayman (£ 499)-Foundation of the outfit may be the classic Crocsmodellen Cayman in blue version.

Scarf Oppiofashion (49 euros)-The hope that perhaps mostly associated with Foppa is a large bandage around her foot.We chose it off in favor of a purple scarf that matches the t-shirt.

Initium Eyewear (€ 1375)-Blue sunglasses to match slippers and with a rather bright glass so as not to seem too summery.

Parkas S.B. U (3900 USD )-as usual when it comes to S.B. U, simple and stylish. Perfect jacket for those who want a sportier alternative to the trench coat without having to choose a shorter jacktyp.

Corduroy Pants A.P.C. (110 euro)-Manchester pants is a garment that apart from those who prefer the classic men’s fashion lives a pretty doldrums in comparison with the jeans. In the right performance, however, this is a very versatile piece of clothing that suits both the Blazer that t-shirt.

T-shirt Cali (£ 399, Caliroots) Graphical and stylish t-shirt with a white background and purple press that shifts the hue.