Create With Knitting A Sweater Stretched Mesh

Do you want to pack a beautiful knitting summer? It ‘a sweater stitched stretched mesh, a point that gives an advanced breathability. The expected size is 40/42. Materials needed: 200 grams of yarn and pistachio 150 gr olive green, irons n.5-6 and n.3-4 NEEDLES. Point stretched mesh: work according to the diagram that you find at the bottom. Lists only round irons. In return irons working all the stitches and thrown backward. Always repeat from 1 to 8 iron working from 1st to 6th iron pistachio and the 7th and 8th iron in olive green. The cuts planned after work is a 40/42.

Make a sample of 12 mesh and 14 irons which must be 10 × 10 cm as described in cardigan types.

Front: start 61 mesh + 2 mesh edge st and work by setting the mesh as follows: knit 1 edge st, knit 1 in stockinette dir., Up 59 mesh stretched mesh, 1 knit stockinette dir., 1 mesh edge st. Working on the sides of the mesh point to mesh with the corresponding elongated yarn. A total height of 47 cm, for armholes sleeves, twist the sides 6 meshes. A 59 cm in total height to the neckline, bind off the 15 central links and end the two parts separately, weaving from side neck every 2 rows 3 sts 1 time, 2 sts 1 time and 1 st 1 time. A total height of 66 cm cast off the remaining mesh.

Behind: working as indicated by the front, however, with the shallower neck. A total height of 64 cm, for the neckline, bind off the 27 central links and end the two parts separately.

Sleeves: launch 31 mesh + 2 mesh edge st and work by setting the mesh as follows: knit 1 edge st, 1 st in stocking dir., 29 mesh point knitted elongated, 1 knit in stockinette dir., 1 mesh edge st.

Increase the sides every 8 rows 1 time 1 jersey and every 6 rows 8 times 1 st as required by the point. A total height of 50 cm cast off all sts.

Packaging: close behind. Restore 126 mesh from the neckline and work in stocking dir. in circles for 4 cm, then cast off the stitches. Close the sides and sleeves. Assemble me sleeves.