Courtyard Decorating Ideas

Painted walls and original stickers took a turn this small courtroom without charm in a bright cheerful setting.

A Playful and Poetic Yard for the Kids

Located in the old district of Marseille, at the foot of our Lady of the guard, this courtyard is really typical of the region with its small shed, also called “Cafoutch” by the locals and used as storage by the owner.

In order to think a new exterior along with the inside of the showroom, the colourful range used by the designer in its child collections inspired tints of the outdoor designs.

In the photograph, we see a statement a touch of mauve taupe base. Painted on walls prior to gain light and uniform space, this colored band to bring color in controlled quantities.

Pretend born of the underbody, a tree grows and deploys its branches with red berries. This same bright red is like an echo through the small purple metal Lantern hung in a clementinier. This bearing citrus as fruit colored, replied in turn to the drawing of the Apple tree.

This playful decoration finally brings the merriment that was missing in this outdoor space. In addition, the windows of the offices of the designers directly overlooking this space, they they also benefit this renewal and courtyard brighter than in the past. At night, we light a candle in the lantern of the clementinier. The glass walls prevent the wind extinguishing the flame, important detail when you want to bring a light touch in a space swept regularly by air currents.

Discover now the entire front yard, then after wor

Before: the Court Was Almost Abandoned and Sad

Decrepit and Virgin of any color, this Court took the place of attempts over time, as evidenced by the most recent decoration elements.

But to restore a more cheerful and more recent air in this outdoor space, had to really think in a whole and dare to change…

Still in good condition and fairly clear, tiles can be kept, but needs a big cleanup. To clean this kind of support at home, simply use a high-pressure (type Kärcher) which the action can be completed by a product cleaning foaming.

Worn and tattered walls will have to make new skin (slots, coating, sanding, then in painting) before welcoming color.

The still tight roof of the shed can be reused, but the structure of the walls is to review.

Camouflaged under several layers of gray paint, wooden door Eve is full of potential, but calls for a net stripping .

After: the Court Comes to Life Thanks to the Decoration and Colours

Here’s the same court after work.

The highly damaged shed was first picked by a Mason at the level of the walls missing parts at the top to reach the roof and seal so this always interesting space in the city where the place quickly runs out.

A new zinc door closes the cabin and allows to lock it.

Then, to unify these transformations, a coated beige salmon hot but clear still has been smoothed throughout the building and on the right side of the wall around the door before.

This door, patiently restored, was stripped with a heat gun, then lasuree with a tint ‘oak’ Matt appearance. For a rustic, old effect, traces of color of grey and turquoise paint that once covered the wood have been partially preserved, as a patina.

Bamboos planted a few months, finally cut, fed in fertilizer and soil are already better. Through the installation of an automatic sprinkler system, they suffer more drought and develop better

Play the Painted Designs to Inhabit the Place

This small yard in the South of the France to accommodate very often children, should be given a humorous spirit in this remote that would serve as both a place of exhibition and space to relax or play.

To stay in the world of children, such as drawings of trompe l’oeil illustrations we been devised on the walls.

Thus, under a real shelf composed of blades of wood from recovered pallets in the street, of false Gardening Tools seem to hang real hooks… Ready to receive real suspended objects!

At the foot of the wall, on the bedrock along the shed, a watering can, waiting to be used while it is indeed just a painted shadow. This game blurs the codes of the real and the imaginary, inviting the children as adults to dream of a less urban garden that is, forgetting the courtyard walls.

Original Stickers for a Very Deco Spirit

On this point of view, there are the courtyard through the Bay window of the showroom, from the inside. On the wall of glass, starlings seem to take the time to discuss, on imaginary son (model “Starlings” Laureline Michel for Sticker Artdesign). The stickers are very thin, they create no extra thickness and the glass slides always without problem to open the passage to the Court.

Inside the Court, there is an another Red sticker pasted on the door in zinc (model ‘tree folk, LZC workshop for Art-Sticker). The door being quite smooth and clean surface and nine during the application, the sticker has been easy to implement and will stand up well to the weather.

You can find and buy these original stickers at bestcraftBlog on the site of Art-sticker friendly from .

This game of silhouettes black and Red adds to the painted decoration are distinguished on the white wall, in the left part of the image.

An Apple Tree Painted on the Wall

Zoom on the scene painted on the wall of this small Court Marseille, entirely Freehand. Apple seem to have pushed here and out of the new basement Mole. Using exactly the same color for the banner for the tree, it accentuates the effect of trompe l’oeil.

Next to the drawing, we distinguish a true clementinier bringing him also the fruits of color live. In this sheltered courtyard in the South of the France, this citrus who loves the Sun and heat can stay outside year-round and resists the temperate frosts. Attention, in more areas to the North, it will take him back indoors in a greenhouse.

The drawing of the tree goes up on about one hundred twenty centimetres high and deploys its branches on a circle of a meter scale. It is adorned with red fruits symbolizing ripe apples.

One could imagine evolve this tree with the seasons, decorating it in turn of leaves, flowers, apples or even of birds…