Cotton Swabs for Makeup

A practical manual on how to help you for a perfect make-up thanks to the simple use of cotton buds.

Did you know that the cotton tip applicator may be very useful for the make-up and not just for cleaning ears?!

Perfect to apply perfume, remove a pimple, to create a perfect line with eyeliner and much more.

Here we tell you some tricks you can do with the cotton swab.

We’ll thank us ( as for the bucket manuals and hairpins )

1- Perfume

Sprinkles on the end of the cotton swab a few drops of your favorite scent and put it in a plastic bag, for example those that are used to preserve the freshness of the food.

Put it in your bag and when you want, dab a bit ‘the cotton swab on the skin to liven up your scent: on the wrists, elbows, behind the ears, neck …

The perfume in the plastic bag, it remains blocked for several hours.

Brilliant !!

2- Teeth Whitening

Blends of sodium bicarbonate, toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide to create a whitening paste.

Apply it on the cotton swab and clean each tooth.

After about a minute after application, brush away the mixture with a toothbrush.

Repeat this process for about a couple of times a week, until you have reached the desired brightness.

3- Perfect Lips

Outline your lips with a translucent powder thanks to cotton buds, preventing lip color loose its outline.

Nobody likes a smudged lipstick.

The powder helps to create a kind of barrier around the lips, to prevent any type of color spill.

4- Retouch regrowth

Needed to cover the fly a bit ‘of regrowth?!? Use a cotton swab and an eye shadow that has more or less the same shade of your hair and then passes over the roots to camouflage the detachment.

5- Remove the colored spots

Dyeing your hair at home, we often dirty.

To better remove the dye stains from your face, the neck, etc. creates a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and a cotton swab.

Passes over the soiled areas thick paste that you have created. Rub in a circular motion. The stain will disappear.

6- Clean the hairdryer

To better operate the hair dryer occasionally you need to clean it, where the grid is blocking the air flow in the rear.

7- Glossy self-tanning

If you are a fan dell’autoabbronzante, you know that the number one risk is to be brought to colorarti tend to stain.

When you apply the self-tanner, cuticles, knuckles, knees, elbows and ankles absorb more DHA, the ingredient that stimulates the tan on the skin.

For this reason, often in the darker areas seem.

To prevent this from happening, remove the excess product before it solidifies.

With the cotton swab in rubbing in a circular motion.

8- Porta-cotton-fioc

Put the sticks in a small bottle for pills. Small enough to fit in your purse.

The perfect size for traveling.

9- The zip “difficult”

To fix a stuck hinges, use the cotton swab and a little ‘of shampoo.

Dip the tip of a swab in the shampoo and rubs the ends along the hinge area that is blocked. The shampoo will act as a lubricant and help to loosen the jammed hinge.

10- Paint

Fixed the paint on his shoes, rubbing a cotton swab soaked in solvent to nails on top. In this way you sistemerai peeling paint.

11- Remove the glaze

Pours a bit ‘of acetone in the cap of the bottle and dip the cotton swab in the lid. Use the end of the pad to remove the enamel around the nails.

To facilitate the process of nail-art complicated, perform the same procedure.

12- Farewell pimples

It is easy to get rid of pimples with two cotton buds and hot water.

If you have a pimple, take a nice hot shower and after drying the skin while it is still soft and supple, get one cotton swab and dab the pimple.

The pus should come out easily.

If the pimple “mature” is not yet not strain the operation.

13- Farewell puffiness under the eyes

Dip two cotton swab in eye cream and put them in a plastic bag and put them away in the freezer and freeze.

Morning pass them under the eyes and see magically deflate bags and dark circles relieve.

Make sure that the eye cream contains caffeine, which will help tighten the skin and cucumber, perfect for calming the swelling.

The movement of the pads helps to drain the fluid under the eyes.

14- Applying mascara

Apply a bit ‘of talcum powder between each layer of mascara to the lashes.

This way your much fuller and thicker eyelashes seem.

15- False eyelashes

Always for the eyelashes, when you decide to use fake ones, use a little ‘smeared glue thanks to the cotton swab across the base of your eyelashes.

After a few seconds applied as close as possible to your natural line for a super effect.

16- Eyeliner

For a perfect line with eyeliner, and one cat’s eyes, after you apply the eyeliner for a winged effect, dip a cotton swab into eye makeup remover and blot to straighten the line and get the desired effect.

If you made a mistake during application of the liquid or gel eyeliner this method will be very helpful.

17- Effetto smoky-eye

Put your favorite eye-liner and then dirty so delicate lines with a cotton swab from side to side and creates the famous smoky-eye effect.

From the cover, in minutes!!!!

The same thing can be done by applying the favorite eye shadow.

Fades with the cotton swab from the base of the lashes up to the top of the eye.

18- Port-eye shadow

A bit ‘like the scent, use the same technique for your favorite eye shadow.

You will save a lot of space in your bag, especially if you are preparing for a weekend getaway.

19- Fill sparse eyebrows

f you need to fill in sparse eyebrows, use the tip of a cotton swab and try to fill it with quick strokes, thanks to a color of your hair pencil, your arch.

20- Cheekbones to the top

Use the cotton swab to give a guideline to blush.

The line should be right under your cheekbone.

Once you find the correct position, trace with a little ‘dust a sign that helps to find more easily the perfect place to start to blend the blush.