Como Usar Estampa Grid

The grid pattern, as references the your name, mimics the shape of a grid with checkered screen. This is the newest hit among fashionistas as much abroad, as here in Brazil. The print is minimalist and classic, always used in combination of the colours black and white. See how to insert this trend in their looks and make the productions with your style:
Basic color combination and pattern
Any season needs to give prints a lively in looks, even if it’s a print more discreet, such as grid, but which may be used in blends more flowers and even daring. However, let’s start talking about the most basic combinations, which are a mix of neutral colors with the pattern, as the colors that compose it, which are black and white.
To be in basic and not run the risk of making mistakes, always use a flat piece and other printed, for example, white blouse and skirt printed with grid. The vice and versa also always works and also change the color of the shirt by black for a change. This way you are always beautiful, on trend, but in a simple way.
Grid pattern used with vibrant tones
Now, if you like more modern compositions, but not too hard, not too basic and manjadas, how about making the combination of grid pattern with vibrant colors? Black and white combine with any color, so you have a multitude of combinations, many possibilities. And since we’re headed for the summer, how about investing in colors such as pink or tangerine? Is wonderful. To be more contained, do the combination of clothes in neutral colors and use vibrant tone on your shoe or bag.
Print with print
And, finally, if you’re really daring and modern in its looks, go to mix prints or print only. You can use the print grid from head to toe to make a total look. This composition is beautiful, contemporary and also not very difficult to hit, but draws more attention. To give a more personal touch, use a piece with white background and one with a black background, reversing the order of transfer.
Another option is the mix of prints truly said, using the grid pattern with another completely different pattern. Valley combine with floral, stripes, polka dots, chess