Comixology Gives More Than 700 Numbers 1 of Marvel Who Are Pointing Today to Offer

A few weeks ago Marvel y Comixology, digital comics service which Alkar spoke a while ago, they came to a deal to promote each other. Marvel would offer more than 700 numbers of his works all users of Avengers for a couple of days with the aim that who proved them to enter you hooked and buy more number.

However they failed to calculate the success of hundreds of thousands of new users who wanted to get free comic, which ended with the unused Comixology servers, preventing that you could buy any comic, although it was not of this promotion, as well as problems in the registos. In a nutshell: an almost total fall of service.

The company’s own CEO apologized public is outrageous and promised that promotion is still valid and that they were studying the method of making it effective. After weeks of waiting, the time has come, and just a few hours left to join the promotion, and it can target any, although it does not participate in the previous promotion.

Simply you have to go to this page during the day today and sign up with your Avengers account, and can even create it at the same time. From day 11 will be sent to the email a link with which you will have 48 hours to join Bill comics that like among more than 700 copies. Evidemente be read both from the web and from Android app.