Colors of Black Lingerie!

Hi girls, today’s post is special for our Brazil women Brunettes, black and mulatto.

I confess that I found virtually nothing on google, for inspiration and examples, images of women of this tone with lingerie! OO. I was a fool, after all our country has a mix of amazing breeds! But, if the people are not varoliza, what can I say, this is our Brazil.

But the Lingerie Fabiana Cavassan values, and all women. So this post is for you, da cor do Pecado woman!!! Uhhulll….rs.

Good, I’ll post then the few pictures I found of women with lingerie, and the colors that I say that is good I’m putting with examples.

Here we go:


Yellow in you is divine! I would say that every shade of yellow, but will the occasion. For example, the yellow gold, more Golden, like the photo is too luxurious, sensual, is for a very special occasion. The pretty yellow “gem”, more open, vibrant, looks great too, but I think it will be stripped. And the pale yellow might be our “beige” you know?! You are beautiful with vibrant colors!

White and Pink Pink

Well, I don’t have to tell white that highlights super on you skin. But a note: there are two types of Brown, black and Brown-Tan and the “opaque”, let’s say that to understand. For those who do not have a lighted white skin won’t look cool, it’s going to be all “erased”, too sober you know?! Now who has the radiant skin, can invest.
The Pink I don’t have to tell you, looks great on all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Investing!!! Pink and baby pink also combines, but the pink is best.

White and black

See what I mean with vibrant skin?! Here you can see too. Someone may think: Oh, that’s a matter of hydration, skin oil, creams … OK, maybe, but many will agree that no. Is the skin, I think of the origin. You don’t have people that moreno and burned? And that moreno Middle Red?! So … is the origin.
Well, the black girls, break, ALL combine with black. He is beautiful, you can’t miss it, is luxurious, sensual, sexy, just choose a nice piece (anything vulgar, girls).

You are magnificent prints! Colorful, vibrant, cheerful colors. Anyway, abuse pattern, both in swimsuit as well as swimwear. Vibrant colors, speak again, no pattern of cool colors, opaque, “apagadinhas”. OK?

Unique colors, but vibrant:

Look how beautiful! Cheerful colours, vibrant, strong, “open” are lovely on you. You know the fashion of neon? So, enjoy, massssssssssssssssss, be careful not to be too flashy, too! Watch the neon green, black to he gets very marked, you will be better with the pink! The yellow I would take a certain care too! The gold is better, as this picture.


I didn’t think the color of skin, but I want to set an example. Invests in Burgundy, is beautiful to you. Even more in winter!!! Red blood is good, but beware, he calls me, I would use another burnt red, is more luxurious!


Silver look beautiful on you, but an opaque silver, as this picture, be careful a lot of silver “whopping”, try it, look, review, look again. I put silver with detail in black too! Is luxurious!


Girls, break in purple! Any shade of purple looks great on you! Of course, open, dark, closed, cold, hot … Any, gives a magnificent highlight in the color of skin!! (see our here)


I think in all, the Jaguar is the most beautiful in black! Women, dive headlong into Leopard, brunette, Brown, black … Oz is all in you! You will be powerful, luxurious, sexy, sexy without being vulgar, quite the contrary, they super stylish. Just watch the lingerie model, ok?! But it is beautiful, especially the one ounce with deep golden mean, does not use the Brown bottom give preference to equal that of the photo! (see our here and here too).

Well, I think it did give some ideas. Colors has several that you can use: blue, yellow, green (all shades, watch neon) orange (very clear is striking, use more burned), salmon and guava are beautiful; Lilac is dangerous-choose darker, not too pale. Watch the colors babies, ok?!

But, I like to highlight the following: everything I write here is my opinion of fashion consultant in this business, seek, search, but of course you wear what they want. If not come some accusing me in the comments! But I hope to help anyone who has doubts in the business!