Codex Home Debut at Dw!

The Codex brand name Home that brings in your DNA trends and fashion inspirations for decoration launches during the DW. 2017 urban festival that aims to promote the culture of design, the collection Tr3s decorative pillows and blankets points, developed by the creative team of Studio Codex Home. In addition to the major release, the photographer Bert Riginik presents the innovative shows Connect; the ceramist Nicole Toldi exposes the source line, composed of vessels and centerpieces made from natural bamboo molds. The three elements will be depicted in a unique installation, created by the talented architect Osvaldo Tam. The event will be at the store Home, 10 day Codex of August from 5:00 pm.

The Tr3s collection Points is composed of pillows and blankets and your name is a tribute to the number three, present at the moment, because there are three partners – Alessandra, Cintia Martins Lake and Silvia Napoli – completing three years of history in 2017. And that was the three-phase system that the elements in this collection were created, represented by tie dye tricolor, cutouts and colors, mixing three different tissues. “Always bring many fashion references to our collections, and over time we expanded our lines, to invade all environments. Here, the hearts are more rounded shapes, they are square and measure 50 × 50 “, enjoy Alessandra.

In addition the collection signed by Studio Codex Home, the installation during the DW. will exhibit the professional photos Beto Riginik, which celebrates 21 years of career and brings the show Connect, introducing the question of authorship in photography as a subject of the series in a montage with images in black and white, gathered in various jobs in Bank of images of the photographer. The ceramist Nicoli Toldi launches the source collection, which features vases and table centers, filled with primitive textures, symbolizing strength and fragility of something.

Installation signed by architect Osvaldo Tam invites the audience from the sidewalk to the store. A pink line demarcates the path that must be followed to meet Beto Riginik photographs, pieces of the source collection signed by ceramist Nicoli Toldi and collection Points of Codex Home Tr3s. “When I was asked to sign the store space to the DW!, I thought about how to join these three elements in an installation that called the audience from the outside, the choice of pink to set this way is connected with Beto’s photos that have this color nuances” says Oswald.

About the Codex Home
Specializing in pillows, blankets and accessories that complement the décor of the House, the Codex Home was established in 2013 by the partners Alessandra Lake, Yaseen Malik and Silvia Napoli. Always in tune with global trends of fashion and focused on innovation, brand name parts are ideal to rearrange and fill a personality. There are more than 600 items online, with pieces by renowned designers and having as main differential product customization:you can choose from colors, textures, fabrics and finishes of all items in the catalog.