Clothing Items that Should not be Used During the Day

Items that should not be used during the day. When assembling a look it is important to take into account several factors, such as whether it is night or day, a casual look, or a special occasion.

Clothing Items that Should not be Used During the Day

If you want to look good, it is advisable to reserve certain garments for the day and other garments for the night with such fashion tips. For the day it is not recommended to use the following items: glitters and velvet miniskirts.

Stiletto shoes

This type of shoes are modern, elegant and love the majority of women. But, they are ideal for an appointment, for an outing or a night event and it is not recommended for use during the day in a casual look. For the office, I advise to use a taco that is not so high, professional and comfortable. If you want to get a look suitable for the day you have to leave the stilettos for the night.

Dress with sparkles

The sparkles and sequins are recommended for the night. For the day it can harmonize any blouse with a detail in brightness, for the night is perfect to wear a sequined dress, since it is the best way to highlight to all present. Use the sparkles and sequins during the day is not elegant and not sophisticated.

Leather mini skirt

Miniskirts are really feminine and sensual. For a good casual daytime look I advise you to put a cute miniskirt flared print flowers or lisa. But, if the miniskirt is leather it is better to leave it for the night. Leather is a material that gives the look a touch trendy very suitable for a night out with friends.

Animal print dress

Animal print is in fashion this year and it looks perfect for a night, with a dress or a skirt look. However, today this type of stamping can be used in the looks for the day, you can be in Accessories, tops or shirts. But, if you have a set dress to the body, it is best to use it at night. It is not ideal to go out shopping and not the office.


Velvet is a great current fashion trend and can incorporate it into their evening looks. Mini-skirts, crop tops or pants are seen very well with this trend that is suitable for an appointment or an output of girls.

Metallic blazer

You can use metallic for any occasion and to create different looks. Silver and gold are the most commonly used, because they help us to dazzle at night. So, you choose the color that you like most and which favours to your figure. If you have a metallic gold blazer, I suggest that you combine it with a blouse of the same color and with black pants, that way you will get create a good look at night.

Transparent black lace top

The lace and transparencies are also fashionable. For a look of Office I suggest that you use a cute nude lace bodice and if you want to create a look of day use a white lace blouse, there are some colors that should leave them for the night. For example; If you have a cute top by Black Lace with transparencies you are advised not to use it in broad daylight, because it would be vulgar, but rather leave it for the night.