Clothing and Basic Accessories for Winter

Colors that will give style to your winter look

At the time of dressing in the winter season should not opt for the boring and classic. It is recommended to give to their looks color and joy. Therefore, in this post I will mention him five colors appropriate to give her winter look a touch of style, in such a way that their outfits look attractive and modern.

#5 navy blue. The color that never fails is Navy Blue. It is a classic and very easy to combine color, also it gives to your winter look stylish navy and a touch of colour. A beautiful pants with a jacket, a coat, or a blazer to compliment their looks are the perfect choice to wear the Navy blue color.

#4 green Cypress. The green color is also amazing for their winter attire. Cypress green color is very beautiful, can wear it in coats, jackets, pants and shirts. Cypress green combines very well with strong colors and also with neutral tones, is a color that can adapt to an evening look or a casual look.

#3 strong red. The intense colours are perfect for lifting any look in the winter season. From cute jeans to a shelter to create a casual look or a precious dress trendy for a special event, the red in a fabulous color. The color red is eye-catching, modern and can be easily combined, is a color that will help to highlight the other garments.

#2 heavenly cake. For the winter time it is also fashionable blue cake, it is feminine and beautiful, you can use it for different occasions and garments of all kinds. With trousers, a warm sweater or a cardigan will have a cheerful and attractive color to your look.

#1 marsala. The marsala colour is very fashionable this year 2015 and therefore, you must have this color clothing in her wardrobe. It is a sophisticated color perfect for winter and can be combined with other colors. To look trendy instantly, you can use a jacket or accessory to complement.


If you plan to her look of winter, these colors that I mentioned to you previously, can not miss in your closet.

Clothing and basic accessories for winter

Shelter. In the days that it’s very cold it is perfect to use a good coat. As a minimum you must have three coats in your closet in order to swap them and do not use every day the same. Today you can find long maxi coat, coats that cover his entire body. Choose those that are of a comfortable fabric and in neutral colors if you really want to merge them, although bold colours are appropriate to give to the winter looks a touch of joy. I recommend opt for lined coats, because they contribute to the increased body heat.

Scarves. Scarves are the best supplements in the winter style. They are responsible to give your look a twist every day, and its low price allows you to own lots of scarves in your closet.


Gloves. The gloves are suitable for use on very cold days, although does not create it these give your look an air of glamour. Leather gloves are cute and perfect for a look with elegance. But, there are gloves of fabrics that are perfect to complement more informal styles.