Clipper Us Aid to Archive All The Texts That You Copy in Android

Power copy and paste text Android is tremendously useful. Whether links to pages webs, fragments of conversations or items that we are reading, to move them from one side to another to archive them in apps like Evernote makes life easier.

However, sometimes so copy and paste a text we forget or not we remember the latest copy. Not that we pass, we have Clipper: a Clipboard that will help us to archive all the texts that we stick.

Clipper is an application that allows us to go keeping and archiving the texts that we are copying into different categories. So far so good but the true grace of this application is found in the fact that all is done automatically.

Every time you copy a text on Android, Clipper will archive it so we then when we want to categoricemos it as we want. If we won’t make too extensive use, the free version provides the basics for having organized a few copied.

If we want more, we have the paid version which allows synchronize all clips between devices, It allows us to do searches within the application itself, does not have the limit of 20 texts and we can also add date and time.

It is true that applications like Evernote are more complex to store notes, but if we want something more simple and furthermore do it automatically, Clipper is an essential application.


  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Rojekti
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free / 1,50 EUR
  • Category: Tools