Classic Style Wall Lights

If you are looking for a complement of lighting in an environment furnished with traditional taste, classic wall lamps are what you need. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Classic wall lamps: ladylike elegance

Classic wall lamps are perfect for adding a touch of style to a Couloir, an entrance, or a dining room with a large table made of solid wood. Theirs is a timeless, always current, which subtracts the flow of time and the

whims of fashion. Classic wall lampsare also perfect as a secondary lighting. Place them along the walls of a large room in addition to the pendant chandelier from the center of the ceiling. When you want to enjoy a bright light turn on the latter; When instead, maybe during a romantic dinner, you will need a soft light, you will turn to your beautiful classic wall lamps. Featuring stunning precious fabric lampshades, like shantung or parchment, classic wall lamps are characterized by a sober and clean that really makes it memorable.

Classic wall lamps: lighting with style

Classic wall lamps are furnishing elements extremely versatile and available in a variety of different forms: from the entrance to the bedroom, there is no environment that does not lend itself to be decorated with these beautiful applique, made often with modern led technology, which allows energy savings significantly higher than traditional incandescent bulbs. Among the most popular classical wall lamps there are definitely those two or three sinuous shaped wooden arms. Classic wall lamps, however, are not designed to illuminate only the interiors. Imagine an elegant veranda with a rocking horse and a rattan outdoor Lounge: wrought iron wall lamp illumines it with a lantern-shaped, similar to those of the old public lighting, could prove to be a solution of great visual impact.

Classic wall lamps: each room its

In short, the classic wall lamps are always a touch of style to any room in your home and brighten up your home with timeless charm and grace. A hostess really attentive to the rules of interior decor knows however that there is a template just to give light to every room, depending on how it is used and daily habits of the family. Dalani takes you to the discovery of a large variety of classic wall lamps, taking you into the best choice to make your home more beautiful.

• living room. Don’t be afraid to dare with rich fabrics and decorations. The living room is the focal point of any home designed to entertain friends and guests and backlighting the scenographic effect. A style it? The Crystal reflects and projects silver falls made intriguing by soft lighting and shadows.

• Hallway. In this case you will need more discreet look classic wall lamps. But no less precious! A damask lamp shade gives the refinement and perfect class to welcome your guests in style.

• > bedroom. The realm of privacy, the most private of the House where you can relax and enjoy their privacy. Replaced the normal bedside Lampshade with classic lamps from wall and you will get in an instant a sleeping area only. The idea? A silk Lampshade is the ultimate luxury: for a bedroom like a true Queen of Versailles!

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