Chrome Hearts

In the Design District of Miami a front draws attention and you are required to enter. It’s impossible to pass in front and not to be swayed by a corridor with vertical garden, a bicycle with a basket of flowers, and a covered patio delicious to escape some of the strong sun of Miami.

The Chrome Hearts like mystery via, and is a supporter of “low profile marketing”: can only be found by those who already know where she is. The shops have no plates, and in some cases there is no sign outside the sites. In addition, of course, not making any kind of publicity. They only produce original, high-quality art and people always come running.

The brand was officially established in 1988 by Richard Stark and his friends Leonard Kamhout, a goldsmith, and John Bowman, who makes leather accessories. They started with pieces of leather hand made for friends bikers, until the Sex Pistols guitarist met and presented to the rest of the band. Needless to say, there was success only forward, right? At 91, Richard bought the part of friends and expanded the product line to silver jewelry, furniture, clothes, among other luxury wares.

The Chrome today is administered by Richard, your wife Laurie and the couple’s daughter, who also works in the tag. The couple lives in Malibu, while expanding the brand, which already exists in Hong Kong, Taipei, London, Paris, Las Vegas, New York. And has developed products in partnership with brands such as Cartier, Rolex, Uggs, Zippo, Baccarat, among others. In addition to collections with some trend setterslike Kate Hudson, with whom they made a wonderful collection!

I fell in love with by Baccarat vases with designs in bas-relief, glasses with silver stem and a micro dress with a neckline that can never use! Hahahaha! Just a petit woman in every way would look beautiful wearing.

You find the Chrome Hearts in the best addresses in the world. The search is worth it!