Choosing Appliances For The Kitchen

When building or renovating an old house, needed a new fridge and freezer, cooker may also dishwasher and microwave. How do you choose between all brands and models of appliances available on the market?

Do not let the choice be a coincidence. If you make a conscious choice increases the chance that you will be satisfied and get the maximum benefit from your investment. When choosing between different models, anylistintheus suggests you take into account:



Desired features

energy consumption



Your personal preferences
You get what you pay for, but it pays to look in more places than before it strikes. The more expensive versions are more designer and has more functions and features. Start by deciding what machines can cost.

The size of the appliances are controlled by what can fit in the kitchen furniture, how big the household is and what habits you have. For example, you must have a big fridge if you are many, making large purchases and likes to cook, but less if you are only two, close to the supermarket and shop every day.

Desired Features
The new features on the appliances all the time. Here we go through most of the features available to choose from for oven, microwave, cookers, fridge/freezer and dishwasher. Then you need to look at what features you think are necessary in the different machines.

course, there are several variations on kilns. It can be a conventional oven, double oven or convection oven. The furnace may be integrated in a floor cooker hob plates alternatively hob, or be a separate built-in oven.Installation option is more expensive, but usually more convenient. All ovens have top and bottom heat. It is common to combination ovens with one or more additional functions such as barbecue, hot air, microwaves or steam. In convection oven circulates the air in the oven, making it more efficient than a traditional oven; it is possible to save several plates simultaneously without swapping plates. However, one should be prepared for the sounds in the kitchen when the hot air fan runs. Today ovens with varying degrees of self-cleaning function. Is the oven coated with a katalysemalj easier cleaning. Have furnace pyrolysemalj is virtually completely self-cleaning. Click here to read about the steam ovens.

There is stand-alone microwave ovens and microwave for installation. The front cover of the oven can give more or less transparent over the food being cooked. Inside it can be with or without the turntable. The point of a turntable is that the food is evenly heated. In some ovens it is possible to turn off the rotation, for cases when, for example, to warm food on a square plate.

Microwave ovens are available in various sizes. Think about how you will use the microwave before you decide the size. For example if you only use it to pop the popcorn and the turntable needed a certain size to the bag to be able to rotate.

For those who want to cook in the microwave is a gill- and crisp feature available in some models.

The control is an important part of the microwave that differ between models and brands. Keep in mind that they should be easy to grasp and to set. It is good if the scales are clear and easy to read. In the simplest type of microwave you choose the power and set the time using the timer. On the other end of the scale are digital time readout, program for weight controlled thawing and temperature controlled heating and cooking. The more advanced microwave ovens can be difficult to learn to operate.

Cooking And Maintenance
You can choose between a standard floor fireplace or have separate hob.Floor fireplace is generally cheaper, while it is flexible to fit out with oven and pour separately. Both solve hobs and cookers are available with cast iron plates and ceramic hob. Both options are about as fast. This appliance is easier to clean, less energy, and some have flexible zones of various sizes and shapes of pans. Almost every individual slabs to be folded into a countertop.

Induction hobs are much faster, in some cases more energy efficient but also more expensive. The hob transmits heat directly to the cookware using a high-frequency electromagnetic field, and the appliance itself does not get hot. Only pans with the bottom of the magnetic material can be used. Read more about induction cooktops here.

Cooking on gas is another option, either a separate cooktop or a floor fireplace. Install LPG, you think of LPG tubes takes place. There are also combined electric and gas stoves.

Fridge And Freezer
, some refrigerated cabinets have racks and others have glass shelves.Sometimes there is a large vegetable box, sometimes two small or both.Some have special compartments for the eggs and butter. Check the trays and shelves on the refrigeration you intend to buy. The shelves should be sturdy and easy to clean. In some refrigerators can adjust the height of the shelves.

All refrigerators have automatic defrost, while most freezers must be defrosted manually. Recently, however, also come freezers with automatic defrost, which of course is convenient but cost a bit more.

Because the refrigerator and freezer is at all times draws a lot of energy, so choose an energy efficient. It is mandatory that the energy label refrigerator and freezer. The marking is done on the scale of AG and tells you how much electricity the cabinet draws in relation to its volume. A given to a highly energy-efficient model, while G is given to the most energy-intensive.

A fridge/freezer expected to last for 15 years.

There are floor and countertop dishwashers. How much the dishwasher can hold out in the number of envelopes, according to an international standard. Basket The design, what you plan to do the dishes and how to pack it in the machine, then determine how much that actually fit. With a smaller machine, you wash more often and can not fit as bulky containers.But it’s faster to do the dishes.

There are washing machines with features like height adjustment of baskets that can be set for the porcelain size.

In addition to the normal program counter, there may be applications for hosing, shoe counter with lower temperature and pot wash program.Delicate wash program will save energy.

How well the machine washes and dries by a value AG. Some suppliers also say the noise value for the dishwasher.

Energy Consumption
Various sizes and models of appliances draw different amounts of energy.Make sure you think that the energy consumption is acceptable for the model you choose. The energy label is in a scale AG, where A is given to a very energy efficient model, while G is given to the most energy demanding.

It can be a lot of noise in the kitchen and you should therefore check the sound level of the model of the different appliances you choose.

Many today choose to be open between the kitchen and living room, and then it becomes even more important not to have too much noise. In a convection oven allows the fan when the oven is on and for some time after you shut it off. In most refrigerators allows the compressor and the sound can vary greatly between models. Refrigerator/freezer with icemaker allows more than a standard refrigerator/freezer.

Not least, the design differs between different brands and models. It is nice if the machines appearance match each other and the kitchen’s decor. Remember that you can build in dishwasher and fridge/freezer, so that they have a front door like the rest of the kitchen furniture.

Personal Preferences
Ultimately it’s about what you think about. You should feel comfortable with and enjoy your machines!