Choose The Dress Of The Ladies Of Honour

Choose the dress of the ladies of honour. The bridesmaids are mostly relatives or friends of the bride. The bride is the main protagonist of the wedding and bridesmaids are the center of attraction. Then leave you some tips to choose bridesmaids dress without trauma:

-Before of go to bridal shops or clothing boutiques, I advise you to look for on the internet so you have an idea of what you don’t like and what you like.

-Single or berry in search of dress at least six months before the wedding, so will have long time to correctly sort the costumes and make any changes that you like. See also:

-Define who will pay the bridesmaids dresses. This is a great tip for correctly defining the budget. Usually own ladies of honour or sometimes pay him the bride.

-Where the bridesmaids pay, try to be aware of their budgets to choose the suit. Bridesmaids should never feel uncomfortable by the amount of money they have to spend.

-Do not choose a style that is uncomfortable or unfavorable to her friends. It is ideal to choose a style that really see very well in all the ladies and that properly accentuate your best features.

-If you have a model in mind, I suggest that you take the time to ask the ladies who think about the model in question. If you have many bridesmaids, not take all to choose the model, because it can create confusion and stress. If you want to be considered and give the opportunity to speak to all your bridesmaids, send them photos of your models preferred by e-mail.

-To choose the correct dress also should take into account the age of the bridesmaids. If the ladies are middle-aged, never buy dresses sexy.

-The dress has to go according to the type of wedding, the venue, the season of the year and at the time of the event. Choose a type of fabric that goes according to the season of the year and for a traditional wedding, avoid those eye-catching dresses.

-Bridesmaids don’t have to highlight more than the bride and not have to use the same color as the wedding dress, rather choose similar colors as beige for example or any other neutral color, the important thing is that you highlight the wedding dress.

-Choose a model that can be used in other formal events for ladies. So, opt for simple formal gowns, since they can be used in any occasion. Currently fashionable dresses black, dark blue and Brown, because they are colors that help to create a formal and elegant atmosphere.

-If your wedding will take place on the beach, I recommend that for her bridesmaids not choose long dresses, because they dirty very quickly.

-For weddings that are performed in the open air, the bridesmaids should wear short dresses, because they are comfortable and fresh.