Choose a Sports Bra

Did you know? The breast is not a muscle; It is made up of fat, ducts and the famous “Cooper ligaments” that connect skin to the pectoral muscles. With the skin, these ligaments are the only natural support of the chest. At a sports event, and according to its intensity, the weight of the breasts can be multiplied by five due to the impacts and rebounds. Without fitted BRA, breast risk, ultimately a “breast lift”, which is equivalent to early sagging of breasts. It is therefore essential for athletes to support their chest with suitable equipment. Here are a few tips from Zsport, Odysséa partner, for choosing the right bra or sports bra.


Different levels of maintenance of the Sports Bras are defined according to the intensity of the activity, and its effects on the chest. Low impact like yoga or golf sports are less dangerous to the chest. Practice running, fitness, skating or skiing, which are of high intensity sports, to choose a very good level of maintenance. Volleyball, tennis and horse riding are very violent sports for breasts and require for their level of maximum hold. The breast size also determines the level of necessary maintenance; regardless of the intensity of the sport practised, busty requires more maintenance than a small chest.


Nearly 70 percent of women do not know their bra size. The body changes with age, or pregnancy, and chest also plans, according to Polyhobbies. We must therefore regularly “take stock” with a double-decimetre for having the right numbers in mind. First, measure the size of your bust under the chest. Then you will measure your chest at the edge of the breasts. Keep these numbers in mind when you try your sports bra or refer to the table of the brand; the cup sizes can differ depending on the brand.


The brassiere in X (with a racerback) form is majority in the offer of sports lingerie, for several reasons: it avoids to be obstructed by straps that fall and allows for more movement. If you prefer however type bra models, be sure that the seams are flat and that there is no frame, to eliminate any phenomenon of irritation on the skin.


Do not neglect this aspect. A traditional fabric sport bra keeps all the moisture from perspiration and exposed to friction, and so to irritations. So proscrivez models in tissue and choose rather technical textiles that absorb moisture to reject it immediately, according to mechanisms of thermoregulation.


Doctors may recommend to women who have had breast cancer physical activity such as walking or running to reduce the risk of recurrence. Women who have undergone reconstructive surgery, or women wearing a prosthesis can use bras for breast compression adapted like those manufactured by Medical Z®, the parent company of Z Sport. In all cases, of course your doctor in order to return to work. Cheers on an Odysséa race!

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