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When you decide to buy a jacket for the motorcycles, many factors are taken into account, that is comfortable, which has enough depending on the time of year, which is nice, that is safe… in this section of the blog will provide information on its functionality, materials and safety.

Jacket functionality is to maintain the temperature of our body in the largest possible area. The torso should be protected from the wind and rain, inclement weather, and also in case of fall must absorb the impact and abrasion through their tissues and protections.

Taking into account these factors, more versatile and wearable jackets would comply with its mission? can you use on road? they protected?

Localbusinessexplorer will comment on tissues and protections, so that you can choose the jacket according to your needs.

Tissues, the first thing we are going to discuss is that although it is important the jacket to shelter, we can not sacrifice the mobility. The position of the rider is not fully erect, but it the body and arms tend to be flexed, in greater or lesser extent, depending on the type of bike.

Formerly the material most used for the manufacture of garments for bikers it was leather or skin, due to its capacity of traction and abrasion resistance, but we must recognize that protects little cold, cracked and lost qualities quickly with the moisture. Although aesthetically very beautiful, they are very wearable, and for when weather is fine.

Currently, the most sought-after fabric is sanity, this material It is applied to the outer layer of the jacket, is a type of nylon, but fibres thicker and about 6 or 10 times more resistant.

Impermeabilizada inside -based plastic fabrics, and with the sealed stitched. This type of jacket can be washed in the washing machine, always and when you take care when choosing the detergents, these should not be aggressive. And sanity has the advantage that dry quickly.

In the interior that is breathable as Gore-Tex or the Tafeta, are fabrics of last generation, as well as some as the Thinsulate insulation.

So, if the jacket is sanity and gore-tex, we are going very well in the choice of our pledge.

We have to pay special care with Security, there are manufacturers that only protect the back with a thin sheet of foam, or there is not even that, but offering accommodation to the espalier without including it, is worth acquiring it, that Yes.

It must be set if the jacket offers protection in parts more exposed in the case of falls, back, elbows, shoulders… these protections need to be flexible, anatomical, must be without hindering mobility, and should absorb the blow and abrasion in case of fall.

The fact is that how flexible must be protections? increasingly manufacturers dedicate more resources towards the protection and comfort, they are manufactured protections more light and higher damping capacity and resilienceresilience is the capacity that has material not deformed, i.e. If we suffer a fall protection is deformed, already not we could reuse, and we should buy new.

High-end jackets often wear back protectors, which protect the spinal column.

Protections tend to be removable, to change them each some

Robotic H2OUT – Spidi – 165 USD.

time, this protection must take it into account in the choice of your jacket. It must also take into account, if the jacket reflectactes areas, they will make you more visible to other drivers, when it’s dark.

Manufacturers catalogs are full of striking and shocking designs, but you have to look at the details, the ergonomics, i.e. that the jacket has adjustment devices, to protect us from the cold and rain, adjustable sleeves, waist and neck closures.

Regarding the measure, if you go with sport and like short jacket, must rating to take catches to the pants or belt loops, since going leaned on the bike, you could expose the lower back area.

On the other hand, you have to look if the jacket has detachable inner lining, so we can extend the use of jacket during the year, these liners are usually easy to assemble and disassemble, they tend to go together with the jacket with a zipper.

Both zipper and pockets must be sealed, especially in the front pocket.

They are concepts that veteran motorists already we have suffered in our own meat, but if you buy your first jacket, I hope that this section of the blog you have directed at least a little!

See you at Motoralia

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