Children in My Stomach Want to Have Warm…

You may have noticed sometimes it: there are days, since the belly in pregnancy is very hard. Usually it doesn’t hurt and the hardening of the abdomen is completely harmless. The causes for hard becoming of the abdomen may be very different: growth stages of the child come more frequently to a hard belly, and is very much moving even if the baby has a very active day and kicking responds the uterus with a pulling together, what makes itself felt with hardening of the abdominal wall.

In winter can be one reason added: if it is cold outside, the baby bump can be repeatedly hard and it can pull in your stomach. No medical reasons should be when you drag and hardening can be rapidly with heat sell. Place a warming grain or cherry pit pillow on her belly and relax with a cup of hot tea. On cold days, rest and warmth are the first priority. Are popular, fashionable and yet to do this absolutely appropriate belly bands, that nice warm the entire abdominal area and also the lower back area, keep and make for relaxation of the muscles.

Relax with hard baby belly

Relaxation with pregnancy lingerie is generally a magic word, when it comes to light contractions of the uterus. If you are pregnant, you are not sick, but pregnancy is still a challenge for the mother’s body. Therefore, it is OK if you switch down a Hall with progressive pregnancy and treats herself to regularly some rest. To save more, are also if you want to do very many things, before the baby in the world – take time for yourself and listen to the signals of your body. Because when cold does not matter and also the baby moves not wild, a hardened abdomen is a good sign that you need more rest.

The pregnancy is coming to an end, occur in the third trimester of pregnancy to a hard belly and exercise labour or lowering labor can employ. The hardening is usually not painful, but pain should use, you should discuss this with your doctor, your midwife or your treating doctor.

Soon it’s time: the baby can not be long in coming. The birth is an incredibly intense experience that one while “cannot exercise”, which you should learn but intense. Find all important information about the birth here in our special birth.