Chenille Linen

You know the chenille features? The chenille is a firm fabric, very soft to the touch and used for decoration because of the beauty and texture of its fibers. Either as liner option for upholstery or material for the manufacture of accessories such as bedding and the like, it increments the decor and adds a touch of style and elegance to the environments.

Use a chenille lining is an effective way to renew the look of upholstery and antique accessories adding them a unique finish. The beauty and texture of chenille fibers can be maintained even after years of use. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to proper maintenance. Understand about the use and advantages of using this tissue in decorating and check out tips on how to maintain and clean parts made from this material checking the contents prepared by us!

Why Use Chenille?

The chenille is one of the most widely used materials for making linings for upholstered worldwide. The beauty of color patterns and its softness are among the main factors related to the popularity of the material in the decoration universe.

Chenille fabrics serve as excellent choice of coating for furniture and accessories in rooms such as the living room, bedrooms and bathroom. In addition to its use in upholstery, chenille is widely used for making quilts, decorative pillows, bathrobes and best linen, which enchant the romantic appearance and incomparable texture .

The chenille enhances the appearance and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to furniture and accessories. The fabric is an excellent choice of material for the composition of rooms with a romantic atmosphere and vintage.

Maintenance and Cleaning Upholstery Chenille

Pay attention and follow proper maintenance care is essential for the preservation of the beauty of its furniture and accessories. You know how to take care of your upholstery and accessories chenille properly? Check out our tips:

  1. The chenille is a very delicate fabric.Therefore it is very important to handle it with care during cleaning.Start by removing the waste of accessories and upholstery chenille with the help of a soft brush. Brushes for babies are a great product option, as they are very soft and do not alter the fabric fibers.
  2. Use avacuum cleanerto remove dust from between the chenille fibers. However, attention to adjust the intensity of the vacuum cleaner. A gentle suction and a little more time consuming is the most recommended procedure.
  3. It is recommended that stains chenille fabrics are removed with the help of cold water and detergent solution specifically for use on delicate parts.Avoid rubbing the spot stain vigorously.The ideal is to make it smooth with the help of a cotton cloth to produce some foam. Rinse the spot with the help of a clean cloth dampened with cold water.
  4. If possible, dry the area of upholstered chenille or accessoryimmediately after washing. A good alternative is the use of a hair dryer set to cold wind or a fan. Avoid placing your chenille robes and accessories in clothes dryer. The intense heat tends to change and warp the fabric fibers.