Changes of Canon Cli-551 &Pdi-550Pgbk Printer Cartridges

September 2012-published Canon the new printer models of PIXMA Canon fleet. There also new ink cartridges with the name CLI-551 & PGI 550PGBK. After a few years there was now real changes on the new cartridges.
For the first time this single ink Canon offers cartridges also standard and XL cartridges. For more information and we have described here nearer the main changes.

Refill Instructions For The Refill Of The Canon CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK Cartridges

The Most Important Changes Of Canon CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK Printer Cartridges

The previous cartridges the ink of magenta was cartridge rather towards the purple color. Now, magenta is rather optimized towards a reddish color. Also the yellow hue is now much more lemon yellow, while rather an orange yellow used in the previous cartridges.

The sponge in the front Chamber consists of three parts. The lowest layer of the sponge on the outlet is much stronger (poet), thus the refill of the puncture method is complicated. In the latest cartridge as lowest layer described, corresponds to the also quite hard Wick the ink outlet in the previous cartridge. In fact, it was so before 3 porous parts.

Because of the higher capillary force of the smaller pores in a dense sponge, the ink flows from the less dense to the denser sponge. Therefore must be careful in the composition of refill ink to viscosity (flow property). Otherwise too little ink can pass through and destroy the printhead nozzles. Therefore, you should use only specially tuned and compatible Canon CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK ink . We offer this course.

The foam board is now slightly longer than before, with a syringe and 50 mm Knaüle, but goes in the free ink Chamber without sponge.

When purchasing a printer from are now special Setup cartridges included. These cartridges must be used during the initial start-up of the printer. The printer accepts only these Setup cartridges for the first time. So Canon wants to forestall especially the ebay dealers, sold new printer with compatible printer cartridges , which enclosed original cartridges then offered.

The chip on each cartridge now consists of a thin film and is welded on four points with the cartridge. A change of the chip is therefore not possible, since this remove destroyed by the will. A simple change of the chip is no longer possible.

On each cartridge an orange clip is attached, now on the cartridge outlet dier again can be used. You can use this very well to the refill the cartridges, so when the refill no ink from the outlet runs.

Oddly enough, Canon at the range makes different information. Standard ranges are indicated on the Canon Website and also an estimated additional Ink range. This returns the following Canon:

Document Printing Ink Coverage:
Canon CLI-551BK black: 1.795 * pages
Canon CLI-551BK Black XL: 5.530 * pages
* Estimated additional Ink range

Ink Range – Photographic Print
PGI-550PGBK pigment black: 2.425 * photos
PGI-550PGBK pigment Black XL: 5.615 * photos
Canon CLI-551BK black: 376 * photos
Canon CLI-551BK Black XL: 1,130 * photos
* Estimated additional Ink range

We are internally testing the range and then report the results of the test.

The Latest Canon PIXMA CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK Printer Cartridges

Canon PIXMA IP7250

Canon PIXMA MG5450

Canon PIXMA MG6350

Best Refill Ink For CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK Cartridges

Here you will find our match abgstimmte refill ink from German production:

500ml refill ink for Canon PIXMA IP7250, MG5450, MG6350

200ml refill ink black (text) for Canon PIXMA printer cartridge PGI-550PGBK, PG-540 XL

100ml refill ink black (text) for Canon PIXMA printer cartridge PGI-550PGBK, PG-540 XL

100ml refill ink black (photo) for Canon PIXMA printer cartridge CLI-551BK XL

100ml refill ink magenta for Canon PIXMA printer cartridge CLI-551 M XL and CL-541

100ml refill ink Canon PIXMA printer cartridge CLI-551GY grey XL

100ml refill ink for Canon PIXMA printer cartridge CLI-551Y XL and CL-541

100ml refill ink cyan for Canon PIXMA printer cartridge CLI-551 C XL and CL-541

Printing Costs Of The New Canon Cartridges

The new printer cartridges are under the labels of PGI 550PGBK as text black and under the name CLI-551 as CMY set with photo black and gray (the gray cartridge used only the Canon PIXMA MG6350) get. Thus, up to 500 s/w prints and 690 colour prints can be created. When purchasing a printer by Canon only the standard Variant (or Setup cartridge with default content) is included, which brings it to 300 black-and-white prints and 330 prints.

In particular the cost of the s/w printing, where Canon now can keep up with the values, that HP achieved with the very popular Photosmart series can be reduced with the new cartridges. Canon with the new printer cartridges in the average print costs can compete well with other competitors.Compared to the previous own cartridge range, achieved a noticeable improvement. Cheap printing cost of the PGI-5 cartridges and the CLI-8-printer cartridges that are compatible with the Canon Pixma iP4500, can however be achieved with the new ink cartridges with XL filling.

The upper picture shows the last three generations of the cartridge by Canon. The oldest cartridge CLI-8BK content still 13 ml, the CLI-526BK had only 7 9 ml and the latest CLI 551BK as a standard cartridge and a XL cartridge 11 ml. A clear trend towards fewer and fewer ink so it is visible.

Canon CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK Printer Cartridges Refill

The new Canon cartridges can refill with special refill ink.However it is necessary after the refill the disable use of the printer. Thus, the printer prints too after the filling, but without level indicator. Should you later reload original printer cartridges, the use is activated automatically. We offer in our online shop has special developed refill ink, this simply select your printer model in the shop you.

Chip Resetter For Canon CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK Printer Cartridges

Currently, there are still no chip Resetter for Canon CLI-551 & PGI-550PGBK ink cartridges. This is due to the new encryption technology of the cartridge chip, which must be first investigated and cracked. Should there even be a Resetter, this will take certainly still many months. These are then immediately appear in our shop after the.