Changes in Golf Rules

Every four years, looking at the Royal and Ancient and United States Golf Association in the rules of Golf. What will change as of January 1, 2008? Below you will find just the rules undergoing a change from this date, or custom and valid.


The changes of labour generally fall into two categories:

  • changes that improve the working strength.
  • changes that reduce the penalties in certain circumstances to better relations.


  • Advice: improved to allow for the exchange of information on distance, since it cannot be considered advice.
  • Played: definition has been discontinued and replaced with two new definitions Matchplay game modes and stroke play.
  • Lost ball: improved to clarify substituted ball issues and to introduce the concept of stroke and distance.


Rule 1-2. Effects on the ball
Note to clarify what constitutes a serious breach of rule 1-2.
Rule 4-1. Form and production of sticks
Improved in order to reduce the penalty for disqualification to amount to more than 14 poles for carrying, but not using a stick that does not comply with the specification, or in order to comply with rule 4-2.
Rule 12-1. Are you looking for the ball; see the ball
Be modified to search for a ball in an obstruction.
Rule 12-2. Identification of the ball
Improved to allow a player to lift his ball for identification in a barrier.
Rule 13-4. Ball in obstruction; Prohibited actions

  • Exception: for improved clarity;
  • Exception: to be amended to refer to article 13-2 and by removing the reference to assistance in further play of the hole;
  • Exception: is set to exclude a player from the penalty under rule 13-4a in some cases.
    Rule 14-3.Artificial Devices, Unusual equipment and unusual use of equipment
    Changed to refer to the unusual use of equipment and by adding a new exception for players with a legitimate medical reason to use an artificial device or unusual equipment.
    Note added to clarify that a local rule may be established to measure the use of the devices at a distance; previously approved by the only decision.
    Rule 15-2. Replacement ball
    The exception was set to avoid a double penalty if the player replaces incorrectly and playing from the wrong place.
    Rule 15-3. Verkeerde ball
    Be improved by removing the exemption from penalty for playing the wrong ball in an obstruction.
    rule 16-1e. Standing Astride or on puttlinje
    Exception be added to apply any sanction if the Act was unintentional or to avoid standing on another player puttlinje; previously approved by the only decision.
    Rule 18. Ball at Rest Moved
    Penalty statement amended to avoid a double penalty if a player’s ball when the recording is not allowed and incorrectly substitutes.
    Regel18-1. Ball at Rest Moved by external agency
    Note to clarify the procedure when the ball might have been moved by an outside agency.
    Regel19-2. Ball changes or put in movement direction; by player, partner, Caddie or equipment
    Amplified by punishment in both match play and stroke play to get back a stroke.
    Rule 20-3a. Location and replacement; by whom and where
    Reinforced by penalty to place or replace by placing the wrong person back to one stroke.
    Rule 20-7. Playing from the wrong place; Stroke Play
    Note is inserted to avoid double penalty if a player is playing from the wrong place and incorrectly substitutes a ball.
    Rule 24-1. Los obstacles
    Be improved by moving a attended, removed or held up the flagpole when the ball is in motion.
    Rule 24-3. Ball in obstruction not found;
    Rule 25-1 c. Ball in abnormal ground relation Not Found;
    Rule 26. Water hazards;
    Rule 27-1. Stroke and distance; the ball out of bounds, the Ball Not Found within five minutes
    In the above, is the concept of reasonable assurance to be replaced by known or virtually certain to be to determine whether a ball that has not been found can be treated as if he is a hindrance or an abnormal land or a water obstacle. See corresponding changes Definition of lost ball and rule 18-1.

Annex I.

Edges on peat
Another example of a local rule is added.
Temporary fixed obstacles
Provision II of the local rule example is improved by adding the requirement to establish a temporary obstacle on the line of the game the player must be able to make it possible to avoid the obstacle.

Annex II

Improved by except viktsätt adjustment, subject to evaluation of the R & a.
The head of the stick; simple form
Improved in order to clarify the meaning of simple shape and just to mention a few shapes that are not permitted; previously set out in guidelines on equipment rules.
The head of the stick; Dimensions, volume and moment of inertia
Share added moment of inertia and the dimensions of the putter head; previously set out in guidelines on equipment rules.
The head of the stick; Trampoline effect and dynamic properties
New section added to the spring effect. The border, which is illustrated in the test procedure, apply now for all the Poles, and in all types of games; formerly included as a provision in the rules of competition.