Chanel Sneakers

The last Chanel fashion show saw the sneakers raised to high fashion accessory. The visionary and avant-garde genius of Karl Lagerfeld brings in a woman than ever catwalk sporting and eclectic but never loses in charm and elegance.

Forget the high heels, stiletto forget to dizzying heights, forget those wonderful and hellish heels that raise self-esteem and procure pains which, according to some, can not be worse than those of the wounds of the heart.

It seemed impossible but the genius and the foresight to Karl Lagerfeld has upset once again the usual canons of elegance, arriving there where no one had ever arrived, bringing the rubber soles of sneakers to tread the catwalk of haute couture. Sneakers decorated with glitter and coordinate the suits laces bouclé, the minidress that highlight the waist with the help of boleros and crop top, and even, to fairy dresses of tulle and organza evening studded with feathers and crystals svarowsky. Habitual stride, the models prefer a kind of jog, the same with which descend and go back the imposing staircase. The woman Chanel is more than ever a woman with her ​​feet on the ground, dynamic and spontaneous, that does not need to soar to breathtaking heights (and severed-feet!) To be long-practiced elegant.

And ‘the triumph of the sporty-chic: the bags destined to become icons, and the classical mold accessories give way to baby carriers quilted, knee pads and elbow pads that blend unobtrusively with the embellishing outfits with silver details. We find in each case the straight and clean lines, the net tailoring and decided, the almost total absence of superfluous volumes that have always distinguished the excellence of the fashion house Chanel. As usual, dominated by light colors, the delicate pastel shades of white, beige, powder pink and lilac. Not missing the total black in its thousands, iridescent facets of crystals and precious inserts that give more than ever a flash of light to darkness and the essentiality of the purest black.

Once again the Grand Palais in Paris takes on even opulent ambience in his minimalist all-white, a setting that recreates the atmosphere of a 50s club (the “Club Cambon” to be precise) with so much music I live with the orchestra conducted by French composer Sebastien Tellier.
to close the show, a wonderful Cara Delevingne, Lagerfeld’s muse, parading with a wedding dress inspired ’20s, complete with a pageboy in tow. Under the dress, it is almost superfluous to add, the inevitable white sneakers on his feet.

As the diehard stiletto have already cried deeply the scandal, we are ready to bet that, with the arrival of summer, we will see a riot of sneakers and running under the dresses and complete broken.