Cctv Intelbras: Best Security Options

For those who are researching for cameras, DVRs and other products to compose their Intelbras CCTV project, we have prepared an analysis with the main products of the brand Intelbras, which combines quality, technology and cost-benefit.

Use these reviews as a guide to make new purchases.

If you want to know the brand DVRs, you can access this guide directly.

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1 – Intelbras Cctv Cameras

1.1. Intelbras Vhd 3120 Ir Dome Camera

The Intelbras VHD 3120 IR Dome camera is part ofIntelbras’ Multi HD product line, guaranteeing a range of possibilities for your project.

Starting with the possibility of using other technologies available in the market, such as: analog cameras, AHD and AHDTVI.

The camera offers high-definition images, taking advantage of the existing analog system.

Representing more economy and a better cost-benefit for the user.

It has Intelligent Infrared, which guarantees the perception of people and objects in environments with little or no lighting, being perfect for both external and internal environments.

1.2. Bullet Camera Intelbras Ir Vhd 1010 B

The Bullet Intelbras IR VHD 1010 B camera is suitable for CCTV projects of all sizes, both for its features and price.

The user can configure through VHD Control, a simple and intuitive control to be used, which will allow adjustments even by those who have never had contact with the technology.

By having intelligent IR, this camera is also capable of performing HD images even in darker environments.

It is light and very discreet and also has the IP66 protection seal, which guarantees more resistance and protection for external elements.

1.3. Intelbras Vhd 1120 Ir Dome Camera

The Intelbras VHD 1120 IR Dome is a 4 in 1 camera, which means it supports other technologies like AHD, HDTVI and analog.

In addition, it features intelligent IR as well as other products in this series, ensuring high resolution images in dark environments with total illumination.

It is simple to configure, through the VHD Control the user can make all the adjustments that they want.

It is lightweight, discreet and very simple to install. In addition, the Intelbras VHD 1120 IR Domehas the IP66 protection seal, which guarantees more resistance and protection for external elements.

2 – Balun

2.1. Balun Passive Converter Intelbras Xbp 402

The XBP 402 HD balun converter  is an essential item to compose your Intelbras CCTV system.

It is a passive transceiver equipment that converts the signal from the coaxial cable to UTP, ensuring the sharpness and detail of the captured images.

The balun XBP 402 HD is hybrid, with a range of 400 meters in color mode and 600 meters in black and white mode.

This converter can be integrated with other baluns and HDCVI cameras brand Intelbras, which ensures a more cost-effective for your CCTV project.

3 – Stand Alone DVR For Intelbras CCTV

3.1. Stand Alone DVR Intelbras MHDX 1004

For those who are looking for a quality digital recorder, the Stand Alone Intelbras MHDX 1004 is one of the best options available in the market.

With 5-in-1 technology, this Stand Alone allows integration with other existing technologies, such as: Analog, AHD, HDTVI and IP, offering a wider range for your Intelbras CCTV system.

It has simplified configuration and remote access, which will allow the user to access to record the images in real time, from anywhere in the world.

In addition to security, the Stand Alone Intelbras MHDX 1004 offers more convenience for your system.

3.2. Stand Alone TrÍBido HDCVI Intelbras 3016

For those who need cutting-edge technology, ruggedness and affordability, then the Intelbras 3016 HDCVI HDTV can be the ideal solution.

That’s because this digital recorder has 16 channels and records and plays back in Full HD, with 1080P resolution images at a rate of 30 frames per second.

Through Intelbras Cloud, you can configure your device with just a few clicks.

Through the application for smartphone and computer, you can access the images in real time, anywhere in the world.

The Intelbras 3116 HDCVI is in its second generation and therefore has more processing speed, which will ensure more quality in recorded images.

3.3. DVR Stand Alone TrÍBido HCVI 1032

If the previous indication was not enough, then theHCM 1032 Stand Alone will surely meet your demand.

That’s because this digital recorder has 32 channels, digital technology and operating mode where you can use all analog channels – providing a panorama of the entire monitored area.

The Stand Alone Tríbido HCVI 1032 records images in HD quality, with a resolution of 720P and a rate of 15 phrases per second.

It has a large storage space, and up to 2 hours can be used to store the recorded videos.

4 – Nobreak

4.1. Nobreak XNB 720VA For Intelbras CFTV

The NoBreak XNB 720VA Intelbras offers the protection and extra energy for all electronic devices that make up the CCTV system of its equity.

This NoBreak offers one hour of autonomy, which will ensure that your security system from will continue to function for an extended period of time.

In addition, it has 6 levels of protection against overload, heating, short circuit and overvoltage of the electrical network.

It is an essential device for any electronic security system.

4.2. Nobreak XNB Intelbras 1440VA

The NoBreak XNB Intelbras 1440VA is perfect to provide more autonomy for your security system in case of a power supply problem.

By having two batteries, this nobreak offers two hours of autonomy for the devices to continue working.

It has 6 levels of protection and status signaling for the user to know if the device is operating correctly or not.

In addition, the NoBreak XNB Intelbras 1440VA has 6 sockets to power your equipment.

It’s one of the ones I use here, to feed the whole structure of the Blog.