Cayler and Sons Accessories: “for True Heads by True Heads”

Cayler & sons accessories – “for true heads – by true heads”.
Cayler & sons – the new fashion label, which developed young and casual Streetwearmode. If you still do not know the brand, it is high time, because with this brand it is at the moment totally in vogue! Cayler and sons skillfully embodies the urban look of the street and therefore absolutely said.
Whether stylish caps or not only practical, but also extremely stylish gym bags, Cayler & sons is a real must-have 2016.

But what is behind the trendy label?

Cayler & sons accessories – innovative, trendy design

The Munich-based label combines the finest quality with innovative graphics and designs. While the caps with stars such as Franck Ribéry, Kool Savas and CRO arrived, the caps now also among the youth are well received. The brand is known not only in Germany, but also internationally recognised as one of the coolest brand, has currently to offer the Streetstyle. Characteristic of the Cayler & sons caps is that the screens of the caps on the bottom are printed. The so-called “under brim branding” will make sure that even if it’s ever the CAP a little, you can still design of the CAP looks. Every Cap tells her own story E.g. the pattern matching is selected to the quote. Mostly the patterns and proverbs refer hop on the sport or hip. There are no limits to the design spectrum. Whether flowers or camouflage pattern or plain, the diversity is unique. But in terms of material the label is located quite far forward. Because so plain caps are also enhanced by the interplay of different materials.

Another special feature: The comic hands, the a or maybe the hands of Mickey Mouse are likely to remember others. However, the comic book have to do something hands not in the least. Created the hands are culture and the high-fashion borrows from the hip hop area.

Cayler & sons Accessories: Snapbacks and gym bags

We show you the latest collection of Cayler & sons accessories, namely snapbacks and gym bags today:

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