Care to Keep Skin Healthy in Winter

With the arrival of cooler and dry season of the year, the skin suffers the consequences of low temperatures and low air humidity. The best way to mitigate the effects of winter on the body and face is enforcing the daily care, to restore the natural barriers of the skin and prevent water loss, noticeable through symptoms such as tightness, itching, irritation and increased sensitivity.


Very hot baths and the use of a non-adapted hygiene are some of the main factors that affect the skin, assaulting your protective barrier. So, the choice of a specific SOAP is the first essential step in skin hydration, especially on colder days. Atoderm Gel Douche, Bioderma, helps rebuild the natural barrier in a sustainable way, restoring hydration since hygiene. The moisturizing action of Glycerin softens and protects the skin, reducing the feeling of discomfort caused by dryness. The tip during the winter is to use the product without the aid of bath sponge, not to assault the protective barrier of the skin.

In addition to the hygiene care, it is also essential to complement the daily routine with moisturizers to prevent loss of water on the surface of the skin. A good tip is to seize the moment right after bathing to hydrate the body, because the pores are wider and the products tend to permeate the skin more easily. Atoderm Cream, Bioderma, has the unique Skin Protect Complex ®, which moisturizes deeply, prevents dryness and even improves the distribution of water in the skin, forming a protective film. Enriched with Glycerin and Niacinamide, Atoderm moisturizing cream intensely and prevents irritations, ensuring a more lush and healthy skin.


The skin also suffers from exposure to cold wind and dry air are typical this time of year, so care should be reinforced to avoid peeling, dryness and redness. Care begins with choosing a suitable facial SOAP, essential to ensure a gentle cleansing and that protects the skin from external aggressions. Sensibio Moussant Gel, soothing cleansing gel with micelle technology, promotes effective and gentle cleaning, offering immediate comfort. Its active moisturizers improve skin texture, reducing irritation and hypersensitivity. His minimalist formula (without SOAP, without preservatives, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic) gives 100% tolerance for face and eyes.

For those who have sensitive skin or touched by climate or dermatological treatments, which are common at this time of year (laser, peeling, microagulhamento, etc), the tip is a soothing care to moisturize and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Sensibio AIR encourages, soothes and calms sensitive and sensitized by strengthening your protective barrier. The unique dermatological patent Rosactiv® still reduces and prevents redness, and irritation.


The last essential step in taking care of your face during the winter is the application of sunscreen, because the ultraviolet radiation is present throughout the year: a cloudy day and the Sun of the mountain are large pitfalls during the winter, because even not seeming to have high incidence of ra IOS ultraviolet. In addition, skins in dermatological treatment, whether through medicines, acids or aesthetic procedures require a special reinforcement on Sun protection. To complete the routine of care during the winter, choose a sunscreen with high protection (FPS), which is adapted to your skin type or your need at this time of year.

For normal skin to dry, ideally a sunscreen with high protection cream, Photoderm MAX 60 FPS, as available in the options with and without color (red and neutral). Already mixed and oily skins need high protection with lightweight texture that leaves the skin dull all day. Photoderm NUDE Touch SPF50 + promotes high protection with natural appearance and velvety matte. For skin with blemishes, including melasma, the ideal is a protection with high FPS, high coverage and whitening action, regardless of skin type. Photoderm M promotes very high protection, reduces the risk of pigmentation and whitens marks.