Camp Types

When we talk about camping (and argue about it all the time!), this single word can generate different prints in each person. The truth is that different types of camps are directly related to the different types of campers!

Some people, for camping, you need just a simple tent and nothing else. There’s also those who only camp of trailer or motor home. There are still people who seek places super structured, with extensive leisure areas. And, finally, there are people who camp only when performing tracks, crossings or other adventures. For the FuiAcampar, ALL of that is valid. What’s important is not the location or structure, but the desire to be integrated with nature, in a sustainable way.
Grants under the explanations on the different types of camps. If you’ve never camped, but enjoy being in nature, certainly has a type that fits well uptight for you!
By location
It is that what happens in sites or natural areas, without any structure, just in nature. They are usually made by people who like to get away from urban centers and enjoy the contact with the environment in your most primal State. Has no outlet, no bathroom, no nothing of infrastructure. On site, will only be what you take.
Structured (or organized)
Basically, it’s when we camped in a camping. You may be thinking, “but has different types of campsites. It’s a fact! Has campsites that are virtually luxury clubs, swimming pools and leisure options, until 1000 with quality better than most hotels, and also has those campsites that are nothing more than a simple plot with a dilapidated bathroom. But then, what defines being a camping or not? Basically, it’s the way the land owner considers the location, if your goal is to receive or not receive campers.
And now you can have if asked: “and there’s no law that formalizes and regulates this?” Well, in theory Yes, but in practice is quite different. It is complex, but in the future we can write an article specifically about it.
By the framework
Motor home and Trailer
There is a wide variety of types of trailers and motor homes (and other motorized vehicles that turn into a place to sleep), mostly outside of Brazil, but here also has several options. Some motor homes are really great and extremely comfortable, ideal for people who need a little more structure, but that still doesn’t want to stop traveling and being in contact with the natural environment.
A feature is that, although give enough autonomy for campers to travel to different places, he is limited to go only as far as the roads.
In fact, camping trailer or motor home is a specific segment within the camping that can be called caravan, although that term is no longer widely used.
It is the most widespread form of camping here in Brazil. There are also stalls of all kinds, sizes, weights and qualities. There are stalls with large structures and divisions of rooms, ideal for families, and there are those small enough to House only one person lying down and nothing else. Camping with tent is a very versatile option: some people spend a month camping with tent in a structured camping on a beach famous, and there are also those who use to make crossings for days and days in isolated places and away from civilization. With technical expertise and a lightweight tent, you gain the freedom to get virtually anywhere that your feet can take you.
Of course you will need to have an equipment (tent) suited to your style of camping.
It’s when you camp without using tents. One can sleep straight on the stars, using some natural shelter, some canvas or use. Bivaques are usually carried out in situations where the person cannot carry large amounts of equipment. But to perform this type of camp, it is important that the person has knowledge of the weather and the location where you want to stay overnight, so you don’t spend the night outdoors, in the rain.
We know that often there are differences of opinions about camping. Some people camping with tent do not like to be in the midst of trailers. The staff of motor homes also has your own tribe and campers alone so wild, think camping in campgrounds estuturados isn’t actually camping. These differences are natural: each search camping the way you feel more pleasure, is in place at all, with the structure that is.
The FuiAcampar considers, respects and encourages any and all kind of camp, is a simple bivouac amid the bushes, wild camp on a deserted Beach, a rustic campground on the edge of a river, or even a mega camping “type Club”, with all infrastructure.
We understand that there are different types of campsites because there are campers to all forms of camping, and none of them is more or less valid; are just different ways that people meet to feel pleasure in nature. The only way to camp that FuiAcampar does not agree and does not encourage those who, regardless of location and structure, not respect nature and love and not observance to the people around and to the sustainability of the environment.