Buy Jade Holographic Nail Polish

The name recalls a cheap and national enamel, but it is not. The brand Jade nail polish is North American and still not popular in Brazil. Normal. We have so many national brands and imported glazes that is complicated to know all. But maybe it’s time to, if you want to fill your bag of nail products, seek more information about Jade glazes.


The small bottle of Jade glazes are not the most glamorous. Compared to brands like Revlon, MAC and other giants imported with great fame in Brazil they are even too basic and simple, so not a lot of attention. They are transparent and some people confuse with some national brands of low, which is certainly not the case.

There is a very thick enamel, so two layers is essential to cover the nail as a whole to perfection.The users also note the drying problem takes a little longer than the others. But there is always a little way, is not it girls? Fast drying enamel spray through wholesale bottles does not damage the nail and solves this problem. The trick to put the newly polished nails in a canister with cold water also helps in quick-drying perfectly.

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Jade Nail Polish Colors

The color palette of the brand is really huge, but not all, unfortunately, are found in Brazil. In many shops the same variety is small, due to the price not so inviting. The most ones are:

Absolute White enamel – can not but have white enamel in the collection. It is basic to traditional French nails and one of the most commonly used colors in decorated nails. The White Jade is more intense and extremely glossy effect, so it is a prominent color in your palette.

Enamel Black Jack – is also an extremely closed and great black as a base for decorated nails. It is a great color for those who like enamel gloss.

Enamels Holographic – the brand invested heavily in major trends of glazes that change color, and its holographic are a good choice. More than 10 colors.

Coverage 18 Carats – looking for a glaze with glitter gold and stylish? This is your color, great for those who want a finish with glitz and glamour. Gold is heavy, so be careful with the color that puts down to not get too flashy.

Diamonds collection – are the ones metallized enamels, in the current fashion and a great investment tip if you enjoy different colors. Red is the highlight of this collection, almost a matte and really stylish. (read about Enamels Red )

Safire Dream – if you search a glaze with metallic finish and brightness in similar color sapphire stone, this is the most you’ll get. The color blue is open and intense, as the most famous noble stone in the world and one of the most beautiful even. It is the highlight of the manufacturer of imported glazes.

Precious Blue – some say it is green and others say is blue. The color determines which is blue, but it is not the strongest, almost a blue sea or pool. It has a discreet finish and so it is very suitable for those who like to delicate enameling for day to day. Brightness is smooth, even and constant and does not need many touches to cover the entire nail. It is one of the most popular Jade enamel colors in Brazil among bloggers.

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Unfortunately we can not expect more than an expensive product. Enamels imported in Brazil go through taxation, taxes, shopping costs and buying abroad, so do not go cheap. The price of Jade enamel is around R $ 70 per glass. Expensive? Some people think a fair value on the value of an enamel imported from competitors, but not of the cheapest too. There glazes imported from Europe out of more than R $ 100 a 5 ml small bottle, unless the Brazilian standard, so there is not much to complain about.

Some stores suggestions to buy Jade enamels: Site of Beleza, Beauty Shopping (reference makeup and imported products for professional line of hair), NetFarma (online pharmacy), among others. In the cities, the best option is to look focused stores in imported products.

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