Busy: a Different Test With Shoes in The Bathroom

Who LOVES SHOES, can’t resist an editorial with shoes.

It’s very cool to see different photo shoots, they can share a clear concept and are much more that celebrities photographed.

And when the goal is to only show the accessory in editorial? There is no interest in show models (famous or not), celebrities … This was the brainchild of photographer Sebastian Mader.

He brought a spirited editorial with the name “Busy”. The aim was to bring the idea of a public bathroom occupied. The public, the glamorous and the very act of using the bathroom if you display in this proposal. And the focus? Only feet and shoes!

Who never looked under the door of a locked bathroom to see if she was busy? Who has not noticed the bathroom next to shoe when I was using the toilet a bathroom? Are you busy? So, let’s look at the fabulous shoes and full of style according to Whicheverhealth.

The heels that appear are from Dior, Jimmy Choo, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, Bvlgari, Giuseppe Zanotti …

An essay that shows how Shins, feet, fingers and shoes can be sexy.

The essay “Busy” shows some hand bags too. There are vibrant, colorful, metallic shoes, embossed (flower). The red, yellow and blue pastels are the predominant colors of these shoes. A couple with two or more mixed colors (could say a color blocking?).

That’s creative photography to display accessories! A simple concept that draws attention to what really matters: the shoes.