BudMol Starts Operation in Brazil Bringing Products Worldwide

The BudMol is a system of e-commerce established in 2005 with operations in China and the United States, which is now starting its operations in Brazil. The site concept is connecting buyers to products from all over the world, facilitating access to prices often lower than those charged locally.

Then the site it is an importer? – Not exactly. The BudMol works with various suppliers from all over the world and maintains stocks of these products in the US and China. Thus when a person makes a purchase on the site, gets the product with packaging and warranty own BudMol and not from an unknown shop around the world.

The company claims that all products that appear on the site are selected and reviewed by a team of editors, care that ensures the quality of what is sold there, regardless of the price charged.

Atari Flashback 2+

One of the featured products at the moment is the Atari Flashback 2+. This is a remake of the Atari 2600, which has two-thirds the size of the original console and comes with two joysticks controls. The Atari Flashback 2+ does not have slot for cartridge instead it comes with 40 games in memory.