British Park Creates “Day Care” for Smartphones

It has a frequent discussion in modern life that is the technology most helpful or more in hampers. That is, there are times that have in their hands the possibility of contact with the rest of the world ends up obscuring the reality, then you need to know the time to turn everything off and enjoy the view (and even the solitude it brings).

Knowing this and as the visitors lost by not desgrudarem their mobile, a British park created a service to help them. Call Tech Creche, the initiative of the New Forest National Park is in a closet in which you let all that can be a distraction to enjoy the ride without having to head elsewhere.

In addition to the smartphone, it also suggests letting tablets and car keys there and use the transport services of the park itself, helping to conserve the environment.

To use the Tech Creche, just print a voucher, nicknamed “promise voucher” for children and adults, in which they promise their friends and family who will leave it all to park the care and enjoy the day.

The service is free and will be available until September 14. A good idea to be adopted here too, since it’s so hard to resist posting photos thousand ride on Instagram, right?