Brief Description of Ski Jumping

Ski jumping, also called ski jumping, is a winter sport but now takes place during the summer. In winter the use of freshly fallen snow or applied during the summer. A ski jump consists of a sliding part from a high tower, then, floating through the air once, and finally, on a slope lands.

Assume a plank

Before working on the picture will start the jumper from the side of the skansen sit on a shelf at the top of which is mounted at a certain height. The height is not always the same but can be different a few centimetres, depending on the conditions of the wind. From the shelf, put the jumper is off strong with two hands to get the right away as quickly as possible.

High speeds during dismantling

Sliding takes place on a steep incline, the ramp, where the momentum created for disassemble. In the production speed of ski jumpers glide on skis? s, by a prepared snow track dismantling area. During dismounting, the speed is approx. 90 km/h.

For as long as possible float

After disassembling the jumper floats through the air. The intention is to float as long as possible, so that the back jumper as many turns away one country. From the time of dismantling the right technology for as long as possible in order to stay in the air. Important is a good attitude to ski?? s and body and keep them as long as possible, until the jumper near the ramp first, then come down to prepare.

Observations of the jury

But the value of the jump is not only dependent on the distance is achieved. The jury will also appreciate the fact the landing attitude and elegance of the landing. The highest score, get the skier to the so-called Telemark landing with a ski something for others is on the ground.

Three race series

A skispringwedstrijd usually consist of three series, with each attendee a jump per series will be made. During the first series can qualify a maximum of 50 of the best jumpers for the second series.Only the 30 best jumpers in the second series may take part in the final series. Not just for the third round final results count jump but then also to the valuation of the second series. Ski jumping is practiced as individual sports, but since 1988 also competitions held there four participants per country to participate and where the evaluations of the four.

Olympic sports

Ski jumping would already have been in 1796 an activity of Norwegian soldiers. According to a description by Cornelius de Jong’s troops at the end of a mountain descent on skis? s over a mountain wood jumped that was covered with snow, and where they make six to seven meters flew through the air.1860 already jumped from a rock and reached the jumpers a lot more metres. In 1879, in Oslo for the first time organized a large skispringwedstrijd that then took place annually. Under the influence of the new sport introduced in 1882, the Royal family of Norway RoyalCup?? a?? i. in the nineties of the XIX century, ski jumping on several sites in Europe became a popular sport. Eventually, the ski jumping in 1924 become an official Olympic sport.


Over the years, it has become much better in materials technology and method of training that each new distance record has occurred. Of course this also has to do with the improved design of the ramps. The first world record was recorded in 1879 at 23 meters. This record was constantly improved until the Norwegians in 1927 by the Swiss Bruno Trojani to 72 were taken. Also this post fell several times until it was 1936 about 100 metres. Schans Records is currently near 143 metres.

Even greater distances with disc lie gene

An extreme way to ski jumping takes place from even greater hope and is then called disc lie gene. The speeds that are extracted from a longer glide even higher flying distances of 200 meters is possible.In 2011 the Norwegian Johan Remen also made 246.5 m and the distance is likely to be even greater. Such distance to flow freely through the air without a parachute is obviously a sport for daredevils.