Breastfeeding – When Comes the Milk Bullet?

No later than shortly before the birth, many women wonder if and how it will probably work with breastfeeding. Will you like to drink my baby properly? Will I have enough milk? And what about the milk bullet on himself? The birth marked the end of the pregnancy. Now the body must adjust quickly to the operations, which are important in the lactation.

Peace, serenity and the joy of the baby are the best recipes – in addition to regular equip – to bring the milk to flow freely. Often, the milk bullet comes on the third day after birth. He can also only come on the fourth or fifth day.
And the expression can be very different. In some women, the milk bullet takes place within a few hours, then it is also very tiring for the bust, he drags on but also about one to two days for some and is therefore “pleasant” and unspectacular. But you can be sure that it will happen! Your body needs only energy and power. If the birth was very exhausting and took long, or had a C-section and have to fight even with pain, then the body needs just a little bit longer to stimulate hormone production and thus the milk production.

Try to create your child during the first two hours after the birth, because the sucking reflex is greatest during this time and the child gets the colostrum. The first create stimulates, forming more milk.

On the third – fourth day very little milk should exist, you create your child more often. During the day breastfeeding bra is recommended, to stimulate the milk ejection reflex by applying every two hours.
At night the distances should be slightly larger (if the baby), so that the body comes to rest. In addition, you can drink up to four cups milk education tea (fennel, cumin, anise, tea). General should now much drinking – three to four liters should be it daily! Also remember that even now your body healthy, balanced and rich diet needs, as well as peace and a relaxed atmosphere at the breastfeeding.

Let the child nurses or by their midwife show up, what nursing positions can try it out. Switch between by quietly off, maybe it works out then with breastfeeding even better.

I wish you good luck, peace and patience for your breastfeeding!