Breastfeeding Pillow

Nursing pillows are far more than their name suggests. Because the huge, sausage-shaped ALLROUNDER are a blessing not only during breastfeeding, but can give ample relaxation the expectant MOM even before the birth of her baby.

From the seventh month of pregnancy at the latest, it is not as easy to find a comfortable sleeping position for the young Mommy. Because the burden of the growing belly is getting bigger, she manages only still sleeping in the page position. The nursing pillow can reduce this load quite a bit. For that, the pregnant women needs to adjust the cushion to just her baby belly and to pass between his legs. The body must carry less weight, the spine is relieved and tension of the back muscles will help prevent.

During the day, the cushion is transformed into a seat cushion, which is not only pleasantly soft, but also supports the back. This is pleasant, if must recover the pregnant shortly before the birth often and also long sit.

Breastfeeding not only facilitate breastfeeding pillow

His real vocation is experiencing the nursing pillow when baby is finally on the world. The long breastfeeding and feeding can be indeed very tiring. Tension in the neck, aching arms and sore nipples are not uncommon, and almost always the result of a wrong breastfeeding position. A nursing pillow can help considerably, that the feeding of the small arrival is less stressful. Horseshoe wrapped around the body, it facilitates not only the seats for the Mommy, but also ensures that their baby is a comfortable and safe standstill.

The big advantage compared to pregnant pillowcases is that not only before each meal still a suitable surface for the child must be built. Located on the nursing pillow or it sits in a way automatically stable and used correctly in the ideal height. That makes the creation much easier. Also, the baby maintains this comfortable position throughout the entire quiet meal. This saves not only the small bundle of frustrations, but makes breastfeeding also for the young mother a lot more pleasant.

His bet to breastfeeding and feeding, the talents of the Stillkissens are still exhausted. Many mothers use the pillows for babies or baby gymnastics first seat tests. And also as a cuddly pillow in the crib or nursery it can be still quite awhile indispensable.

Tips for dealing with the nursing pillow

  • Breastfeeding succeeds in the easiest if you place the cushion to the stomach. Depending on you are breast-feeding which breast and whether the baby in belly to belly (the cradle position) or under the arm (football position) to be surrounded, wrap the pillow rather to the right or the left side of the body.
  • Also breastfeeding while lying down is a lot easier, because thanks to the elevated position of the Sun, you can well support your elbows and conveniently place the head of your baby. The baby again can much easier get to the chest, if his mouth at chest height.
  • If your baby sleeps once badly, you can embed it for a moment into the pillow. The warm, tight nest calms your baby, because it feels transported back into a corner of your abdomen. Because the pillow prevents that can turn your little angel to the page and it can always happen that he himself once swallowed, you should always keep it in mind.

The different types of pillows

Nursing pillow can consist of different materials and have all imaginable colours and designs. The biggest “” consensus yet in terms of cover. This often consists of cotton or Microfiber, which can simply be washed in the machine. The inner workings of Stillkissens allows for the following decisions:

  • Pillows with beads of styrofoam or foam flakes are hygienic, easy to wash, very flexible and put little on the scale. When purchasing you sure, that the cushion is not strictly smells, because that could mean that dangerous gases have formed.
  • Significantly heavier cushion spelt-filled fail. Also they must be periodically thoroughly aired and kept always dry, as otherwise this mold. Clear advantage of Getreidekissens is that it quickly stores body heat and releases.
  • The cushion with wool filling is a real featherweight. His little compact filling means however, that it is very unstable. Many cushions you can retrofit but in a way, by filling up just a little more wool material.

The manufacturer also in the shaping of their nursing pillows have exercise imagination. The classic has the appearance of an oversized sausage and can be straight or curved, and up to two metres long. In addition, there are also the variant, which rather reminds of a moon. This quiet Moon has a flattened, broad side of the expectant Mommy especially well at night can push up on your baby belly. Later, the fluffy moon as a base for the baby is ideal so that it cannot roll away on the Playmat.

Tips for buying

  • So you can find the right nursing pillows for themselves and their sunshine, try several models before buying. Perhaps you have a friend who just breastfeed. Ask also your midwife. She can also tell you how to handle the nursing pillow and help you to find the ideal nursing position.
  • Make sure that the nursing pillow has a zipper, so that you can vary the degree of hardness. Also you can use also even more versatile the cushion as a result.
  • Some nursing pillows are offered for 20 euros, while some manufacturers demanded more than 70 euro. The price comparison is worth so always.
  • Ensure that the cushion is not unpleasant smell. A strong smell can be a sign of escaping gases.