Breakdown: Bug When the Camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5

The camera app of the new Galaxy S5 crashes unfounded. The error is unrecoverable according to Samsung.

Error Message: “Camera Failed”

Samsung must beat around only a few weeks after the launch of its new Galaxy device S5 with a breakdown. A large bug renders useless the 16 mega pixel camera of smartphones. When starting the app, many users get the error message “warning: camera failed”. There not is a way to fix this error, as also manufacturer Samsung has itself already regrets. Either a reboot or system restore can activate the camera. It was most likely a hardware fault.

Bug Relates to “Limited” Number of Devices

First it looked like the problem would affect only the S5 devices that are distributed through the mobile service providers Verizon in the United States. Now customers of telecom companies but also have Sprint already reported the same bug, other providers are not excluded.

Samsung asks a Galaxy S5 owners to contact the service to get a replacement. The hardware error relates to a “limited” number of devices in circulation, the producer asserts.

The sale of the Galaxy S5 started on April 11. The new Android Smartphone received consistently positive reviews. According to an analysis, Samsung’s sold himself even better latest mobile device as the iPhone 5 s in the first week.