Boxing Is A Thing of Women

Boxing is becoming more practiced by women and it’s a perfect antidote to model your body and face our life everyday with serenity, for all this is a discipline in the heyday.

Today transporthint will discover boxing and all their physical and mental benefits:

-It is a perfect sport to not think about anything and clear our minds, focusing only on the present, only in training.

-Boxing enables us to gain confidence and trust in ourselves which will help us to cope with any situation of our daily lives with a winning mentality.

-With boxing, you will learn to take a different perspective in complex situations and to better control the events, developing self-control and channeling the energy that will eliminate the stress.

-Develop your cardiovascular fitness and boxing not only is hitting with fists, the beating movement throughout the body, starting at the legs, passing is done by the core and ending in our fist. Also important is hitting as a Dodge by what the game of legs is very important for this sport.

-Thanks to the structure of your workouts you tonificarás your musculature, as we have seen Biceps, triceps, chest, doresales, shoulders, core, quadriceps, ischial, buttocks… all work!

You know its benefits but what mode is best suited to your tastes?

There are different types of contact sports boxing-related, perhaps these are the 3 most known:

Boxing English: perhaps the best known and the most practiced by women. It has already a very strategic aspect that uses only the fists to strike and defend. This mode requires travel speed and striking power. In 2012, the English women’s boxing underwent his consecration to be presented at the Olympic Games for the first time. A beautiful victory!

American boxing or full contact: is a particularly physical sport that is using both legs and fists. You have many alternatives that can compete with different regulations semi-contact, contact, full contact light… is similar to the Kick boxing and the main difference that the blows must always be in the trunk or head, being forbidden to strike below the waist.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing: uses both to attack and to defend fists, legs, elbows and knees which requires the control and development of all parts of our body. It is one of the sports rooted in Thailand and in its most traditional and martial forms includes forms, techniques of open hands, luxations, sweeps and takedowns.

Don’t hesitate, get your protections to prevent shock or injury and enjoys boxing and all its benefits.

It was time to step into the ring to prepare his gloves!