Bottle Mobile Holder for Kitchen

For wine lovers a truck rack, where to keep and where to put on display the most prestigious parts of your home wine cellar, is a really indispensable furniture. The trolley bottle has ancient origins.

Conceived as part of completion of a fitted kitchen in traditional style, with the passage of time and the evolution of design has become an increasingly refined and sophisticated complement, not to be relegated to a corner of the home, but can well it is exposed in the living-dining room under the watchful eyes of the curious guests.

The cart bottle holder in modern style becomes a valuable complement to both its usefulness both for its aesthetic component.

The landlord can only collect the best bottles and choose the order of their exposure and style play and creativity is done.

Geometric clean lines and a minimalist design characterize the Model 4 Plans Wooden Savino Fiorenzo Walnut.

It is a kitchen cart divided in 6 stages: the first, higher is a white ceramic support base, excellent for placing pans and other kitchen equipment rather showy; to follow a drawer with wooden front walnut and steel handle; further down, 4 walnut wood shelves, the first two used for bottles door, the other 2 to the whole door.

A complement well structured, manageable, capacious and compact with its dimensions of 82 cm high, 37 cm deep, 47 cm wide.

It is provided with 4 wheels that facilitate the move, two of which are provided with locking system. A handsome looking model, adaptable to both rooms furnished in traditional style, in a modern style. Great price.

Much more modern the FKW16 Model – WN SoBuy.

It is a wooden trolley with bamboo, clear painted; always with a drawer in wood with metal handle; indoor lunchbox with 2 shelves, 1 bottle shelf and a cutting board.

The measurement structure: 58 cm in length, 40 cm width, 90 cm in height; It weighs 13 kg and has a load capacity of about 30 kg. The carriage moves on four high tensile rubber wheels, with locking brake.

A very practical model, characterized by a light picture and bright, thanks to the dominant light colors. Excellent quality and good finishes, guarantee of stability and durability.

Stands for the multifunctional Shopping FKW12- N SoBuy.

It is a service trolley made ​​of natural wood, clear varnished, and featured a rather complex structure: 1 higher shelf, 1 drawer, a basket, 1 shelf, 1 bottle rack shelf, 3 side shelves.

Despite the presence of all these sections, the structure is easy to handle, compact and space-saving. Its measures: 50 cm long, 37 cm wide, 86 cm in height. It weighs 11 kg and has a load capacity of about 30 kg.

It is based on four high tensile rubber wheels. A really efficient model characterized by a sober and elegant design. Perfect as in the classic decor and modern style.