Blue and Red Combine with Vintage Furniture

Globally with vintage furniture leaves your home charming and cozy. The objects provide a taste of nostalgia and are great for those who can not get rid of memories of childhood.

However, how to create harmonious décor, without leaving the vintage furniture moved the environment? One idea is to bet in the colors Blue and red – on pillows, tissues or even in wall paint. The vintage is a combination of various styles, especially with items of 40 and 50. He appeared in the second world war, when it was common to use items, patchwork crochet or handmade decoration. So, the colors Blue and red, very present in uniforms of sailors, for example, combine with retro decor.

See other tips that will assist you while riding a vintage furniture decoration:

-The formats of the furniture are very characteristic: are low, with simple lines and sophisticated pointy legs and always in sight, wide and long sofas, chairs and armchairs soft and rounded, chromed banks, smooth and shiny.

-In terms of materials used, wood work, chrome, mirrored, lamé and linoleum are elected and there is no fear in mixing everything is shapes, textures, patterns or colors.

-Solid and strong Shades, Orange, green, red, yellow, blue, pink and purple are a reference of typically vintage color palette. For a more delicate effect, bet also in neutral colors in combinations – white, beige, cream, raw, light brown.

-The retro style has in its bold patterns, according to Dictfurniture, one of his main points of seduction and the harder it is to pick between flower, plaids, tie-dye, psychedelic, abstract and colorful geometric shapes to cover pillows, curtains or upholstery.

-The textures are as diverse as lush: Fuzz, plastic, vinyl, velvet, lace, chenilha, beads and beads …

-The wallpaper was fashionable during the years 50, 60 and 70, so your existence in a retro environment is almost mandatory. You can find wallpapers in shades of blue and red, vintage to the extreme.

-Frames with geometric art, silhouettes, embossed or vintage illustrations, as well as black and white photographs of Hollywood-inspired-like images of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Twiggy-provide a visual very cool any wall.

-In the kitchen, in addition to the vintage furniture, you can invest in one or two appliances of the time – large, colored or chrome – that have been replicated by brands like SMEG.                                                                   And always keep in mind to set up a decorating with vintage furniture is not difficult, but requires careful not to fall into exaggeration and folklore. The ideal is to always seek the balance and with key features such as the bet in the blue and Red hues, it can adapt to any environment.