Blackberry Announces Smart phone With 5-Inch Screen and First Update

Called Z30, new handset of BlackBerry will not replace Z10 and will come to Brazil in 2014; Update for current models will be released in October.

The BlackBerry, announced this Wednesday (18), Z30, smart phone with 5-inch screen and BB OS 10.2, first update after the announcement of the new generation of software. The product should arrive in the United Kingdom and in some Middle Eastern countries next week and other regions will be available soon. According to BlackBerry, the Z30 will come to market in the first quarter of 2014.

BlackBerry Z10 brings renewed system, but there are still applications

The touch screen of 5 inches of Z30 is made of Super AMOLED and have 5 inches with HD resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels). The product is equipped with Snapdragon processor S4 Pro, Qualcomm, 1.7 GHz with four cores, and graphics processing unit (GPU) Adreno 320. The product includes a long battery life which, according to the manufacturer, allows up to 25 hours of use.

The product will not come to the market to replace the Z10 , first smartphone launched by BlackBerry to try to recover from the crisis. The Z10 will continue to sale in the country and, according to the company, this is just another product that will integrate the line. The BlackBerry also has sells in Brazil the smarphone Q10, with the traditional keyboard brand appliances, but the product is only available to companies.

System update

The Z30 is the first BlackBerry smartphone to hit the market with version 10.2 operating system, which was fully remodeled and received the name of BB10. According to the BlackBerry, the new version of the operating system will be available for current users of the Z10 and Q10, including in Brazil, from October 2013.

Among the new features, the BlackBerry Hub application will “learn” what the conversations and contacts are more important to the user, which will facilitate the search for messages and information. In addition, the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will allow users to pré-visualizem messages while using any application on your smartphone. When receiving a message, you will be able to respond immediately, without leaving the current application.

The system also adds to the new line of BlackBerry smartphones to Natural Sound technology, which improves the reproduction of sounds, according to the manufacturer, to make voice and video calls more realistic. Another new feature is the Antenna technology, which increases the speed of data transfer and reduces the connection failures for voice calls.

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