Biquni Model that Lift the Butt

One of the main characteristics of the brazilian woman’s butt, known by the rounded shape, voluminous and envy to any competition. The fact is that not all of us were blessed by nature with Brazilian a well-toned body, much less his butt. To improve the visual, especially who lacks the large region, there is a new model in a bikini that has given. Check out:

The Bikini you have made great success this summer helps increase and lift the butt, the super helper for who wants to make nice in summer 2014. There’s no big secrets in this piece, this Bikini panty features a type of seam in the Center, causing the Division of the booty.

This is done by sewing a line with elastic, wrinkling a little piece, that the dress is perfectly in the butt, noting each cheek, making them appear more voluminous, i.e. ensuring higher volume to that region of the female body.

Most of the models in bikinis to raise the butt usually have thin sides, with strips to tie. But remember that this kind of panties is indicated for those who are really skinny and has no volume at the hip. However, not all women who have the small butt are skinny, so look for that kind of trend underwear, but with the wider side. Bet the prints, the region is apparently more bulky.