Between Speed and Security

The big day finally arrived: your child needs more small wheels and it is big enough to ride his first junior bike, last step before the adult bike. Question which is now.

The important thing for a junior bike is to combine a real driving safety with a sensation of speed and fun for the user. The V-brakes are thus particularly suitable because they are effective without having to force. Opt, in addition, for a transmission at different speeds with flexible controls, adapted to the strength of the children. Finally, choose the handles, more intuitive in their operation. So your child can follow you during the walks with the family, with no risk.

Comfort, Essential Criterion

For a junior bike, comfort is the key. Your child must be able to explore the great outdoors with friends, do walks in family, in town and in the countryside, and for that, the bike must be comfortable. Thus, it is recommended to opt for a lowered frame that will facilitate the entry of the bike. Do not hesitate to choose a bike with front and rear suspension to improve comfort on brittle terrain. Moreover, the handlebars and seatpost must be adaptable in height and tilt to the morphology of your child.

What Size For Your Junior Bike?

Obviously, the size of your child who will determine the size of the bike. The goal is always to allow him to combine the pleasure of driving and comfort, while offering all the keys so that he earns in insurance. Junior cycling should be neither too small nor too large. So, from 10 years, bikes can make between 1 m 20 and 1 m 55. It is also important to know that the diameter of the wheels has an impact on the performance of the bike: large wheels allow more gears, while smaller will offer better maneuverability. Finally, consider the weight of the bike that should not be too high.

What Equipment To Choose?

A first junior bicycle for a child is always something special. So feel free to enhance the bike of a range of equipment – both useful and decorative – allowing him to own a unique bike (basket, rack…). Furthermore, consider the security by adding suspensions.

What is your budget for your junior bike?

Nakamura offers 10 ranges of junior bikes, adapted to all budgets. You will find bicycles for boys and girls aged 6, basic, strong, and well equipped at affordable prices. All budgets are thus represented so that you can make your choice at best.

Tips From The Coach

Junior cycling is always synonymous with beginning of freedom and autonomy. However, as it’s also a first bike almost like an adult bike, security is more than ever required: a helmet, reflective armbands, the elbow pads and Kneepads are thus essential.