Best Shoes to Wear in Summer

Summer is fast (no, that’s not a pun), so we will have to think about storing your coarse mesh, your coats in wool but also your boots and opt for something lighter. This is also the time to ask this question: what shoes should I opt summer if I want to be well fitted without being too hot?

Let us draw together a small panorama of the shoes we recommend in case of high heat.

If your knowledge bases are fragile in the field of shoes, I suggest you read articles on the subject. If not, just remember these few points before it moves to the more detailed part:

  • Opt for shoes in your size, otherwise friction and sweat will give you blisters.
  • Avoid very thick leathers for summer.
  • Beware glued soles, some products create odors.
  • always prefer good quality leather or breathable fabrics.
  • Think invisible socks, which are just below the foot and slightly heel – and which do not.

Let’s see the different options you have in the summer:


If he was born in Canada, initially practice shoe became a symbol of elegance and has been taken in 1920 by George Bass, a shoemaker Maine. Since, this moccasin has undergone transformations, it is now a mixture of the old model and slipper / loafer. This shoe has quickly won the bourgeois students (particularly American universities that gave birth to the preppy style) and then spread worldwide.
The second consecration comes in 1952, when Gucci released a moccasin to wear barefoot, well-known actors and other budding stars.
Thereafter, the sixteenth appropriated by the students with Weston and Tod’s loafers for a still younger and trend.
Try to avoid driving moccasin (those with the pins as a sole) life close to zero.
Bobo icon for us French, this shoe comes very well for summer and here are some brands that speak for themselves:


If you really have a small budget you will find at Bobbies for 110 euros a shoe manufactured in Portugal, with a leather and finishes more acceptable compared what we see in the ready-to-wear for entry. Pay particular attention to the quality of leather: for the suede, slide your finger to the matter, one way, then the other. If your finger leaves a mark on the leather, it is a sign of good quality. Full very regular and smooth flower. Observe also the quality of the seams: are regular? Are there has an excess thread?Goodyear or not?

> See also moccasins Menlook Label 89 €


Multiply the price of bobbies thirteen, you approach the grail moccasins: the model Andy from home Berluti . Much more elegant and chic as bobbies pair, but more casual than a pair of Richelieu Alexander, this moccasin is the ideal companion for sunny days, for a mismatched suit or improved preppy outfit. The same level there is also Corthay.

See also: Tod’s, Weston.
Boat shoes

Originally for marine use, these blue or brown shoes are usually near the moccasins, as whicheverhealth says. Leather most of the time and with a lightweight sole and a heel that protrudes only little not mark boat decks, they are now diverted by the general public to make a great summer shoe.

You could see in many brands, from the entry level to luxury and especially for Tommy Hilfiger, NDC or ETRO again Menlook Label (99 €).

This pair of Sebago in grained calf is very versatile. With shorts or chinos and a shirt united, you have a winning combination every time. Will avoid the contrasts of style and boasting other like, dress pants do not associate with a pair so casual.

A quality point press and release the leather, if creases appear at the contact point, this is a poor quality leather. Also check the junction sole / leather.
Desert boots

It all began in England in the early 1800s, these shoes do not exist in the sense that we know them and are made based wool falls and skin.

It was only in 1842 that gently take the form we know. Their flagship model? Clark’s.

In the mid-20th century, Nathan Clark returns to North Africa where he saw these shoes worn by officers on site during their free time. It will recreate later the boss of these comfortable shoes and, upon his return, finally launch the model we know today.

The interest of Desert boots in the summer, in addition to comfortable side is that you can wear them with socks invisible without suffering too much friction leather. In addition, there is a wide selection of available materials, which are as much opportunities to not sweat and let your feet take the air at the same time as you sun.

You will find them in many brands as Bobbies, Opening Ceremony or course Clarks.

Light derbies

No need to present this shoe, flagship of the male wardrobe. Know that it can also be interesting to have a pair for the summer.
If like us you wear quite rigid boots during the year, you could almost wear them barefoot without suffering. This is great, it’s almost the idea.

Indeed, you may well find derbies canvas, or just wear your derbies with invisible socks to leave your ankles pleased to take the air.

However less comfortable than previously seen models, they remain a very good idea for summer evenings, if you need to be a little more dressed than usual. You have a particular model that can rise to the rank of true summer shoe: the bucks. In derbies or brogue, their main characteristic is to be performed with a suede leather back, velor or nubuck.

The rubber sole provides them a lot of weight. It is the ideal companion outfits casual chic, preppy (with saddle shoes). They have some impressive side and are perfect worn without socks exposed with chinos rolled up at the ankles or shorts see a very fine suit pants!


Very popular in the southwest of France, these canvas shoes and whose sole is hemp rope, are naturally a good idea for areas where it’s really hot.Comfortable to wear once they are a little relaxed, they are the allies of many stylish holiday. If you have a choice, prefer the original woven rope, which are more resistant than their modern counterparts with their rubber soles.

But be careful to choose rather small, the canvas expands quickly enough and he would have to do damage in slippers. If you buy in a shop or a small shop and not a large-known store, do not expect more than 20 euros for a pair of quality which will allow you to have all the necessary colors.

The case of flip flops and sandals

The case of flip flops and sandals is prickly. If I were to tell you what I really think, I would say “no, no and no.” It was too quick to look like a tourist on holiday with his marcel and his bag banana … However, to go swimming, why not …

History to be a little more constructive, trying to see all the mistakes to avoid, and where you can still find interesting sandals for the summer cool.

If sandals is a little more apart than flip flops. It may well have a good look with a pair of sandals. I’m not talking sandals worn by the children but of those that have been worked by the creators. For example, these leather sandals:

In town be careful where you walk, but by the sea these rooms there will be very suitable.

Here is the end of this overview of shoes you can choose for the summer. Please be aware that in the end, it will take time to learn how to skillfully dosed comfort and elegance. Hire the main rules and above all, learn by yourself trying.