Best Radio Alarm Clocks

The radio alarm is my little passion. My name is Mike, I’m 28 years old. I’m watchmaker and collector of clock radios.

Through this site I will guide you in purchasing your electric alarm clock radio with articles and tests of my comparison chart. As important as it is, must not be mistaken in your purchase and define the needs of your morning alarm. In short, I recommend this faithful companion of life.

Before I begin, I’ll tell you a little story. The first alarm was created by American Levi Hutchins in 1787 .This young apprentice watchmaker had a terrible trouble waking up in the morning, so he developed an ingenious alarm system. It was never marketed… And it’s a few years later the French Antoine Rédierfiled patent adjustable alarm. No chance for the US!

So what you can do with an alarm clock radio?

The first basic functionality of digital radio alarm clock and tell the time. It is generally used to wake up early in the day by a more or less significant alarm. For example if the week you have to wake up at 7 am, the morning alarm can be programmed to the desired time, but on weekends it’s best to disable this alarm to sleep in. You’re not in the morning and you are afraid of not waking up even with an alarm? clocks manufacturers think of everything … You can set the repeat automatically the alarm. A you to establish your own programs based on your arrival time at the office.

You’ll understand that the clock radio is one that will help you remember the morning. This everyday object is essential to be on time to work, then thank him occasionally.

Be warned however not to confuse your alarm, or you may …

A gentle awakening

If you do not like alarms, you can opt for a customized wall clock with radio option, ie the digital FN Tunner with presets. Personally I prefer to wake up smoothly, so I opted for my favorite radio program.

For even more smoothly, new revivals of generations equip various sounds such as birdsong, running water, nature … The perfect morning wake you say? Yes, but beware, this sweetness is not suitable for people who have too deep sleep.

Some alarm clocks even allow to fall asleep with a sleep timer that turns off the clock radio automatically accompanied by your favorite music if waking to USB option. A good way to relax and enjoy the other features of its morning awakening.

If you’re a geek and we can not do without your smartphone, tablet or even your mp3 player I advice you wake up the USB to charge your devices at night, not bad? It is also possible as I quoted above to program his music if the alarm permits. A significant feature to customize the most of your waking.

There are also battery alarm in case of power failure, the alarm switches to its batteries and continues to tell the time. This allows you to have a functioning alarm clock radio twenty-four hours twenty-four every seven days a week.

Clock radio, pitfalls to avoid:

Prefer purchasing an alarm clock radio with good sound quality and the ability to change the volume of the alarm. Some clocks have a very powerful volume that will render him unfit for the use for very sensitive people, however it will suit a heavy sleeper.

Check also on the intensity of the clock display. It would be a shame to have poor visibility on the LCD.The time reading pane is really the main information that should not be overlooked. Also pay attention to the model that do not pass the summer time / winter automatically …

Which buy alarm clocks to wake up?

This will depend on current budget and functions you want. If you need a wake morning with many features so make buying a clock radio performer to respond better to your expectations.

If you do not need all the features, start with a clock radio cheap.

Different types of alarm clocks

Clock radio projector : 1 – particular model that is often confused with the small 2 below. Here the alarm radio projector can be a dawn simulator. This technology is generally round a reflective light on the front of the product, reproducing natural light. For more information, we conseillions to go take a look on the product Philips HF3520 in our section tests and reviews.

2 – In the second case, the clock radio projector offers the projection on the wall or ceiling. A popular feature that allows to read the time anywhere and without much effort from his bed

Clock radio child : The child alarm is a popular subject of parents. Indeed, there is no age to start learning now, the sooner the better. Some child alarm clocks combine entertainment and learning to perfection. Display of analog or digital time, alarm, radio, small night light baby … It is not life grand?Why not buy the first awakening to your children? You will be delighted to participate in learning whenever he can.  Clock radio usb : My favorite! For geeks like me … As its name suggests, the radio alarm clocks are sometimes equipped with USB ports for multiple functions. The main function is to recharge their smartphone or tablet. His second work may be to disseminate his music directly to the station of his awakening if the model allows. We also offer our comparative guide above.